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How many votes do we need to give VR 45 a vacation

Discussion in 'General' started by notbostrom, Sep 18, 2023.


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  1. Keep him, I'm madly in love with him

  2. Click here to toss the tool

  3. This isn't a democracy...

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  1. notbostrom

    notbostrom DaveK broke the interwebs

    Seriously, Dave, mongo... What's the magic number of votes we need to shut that tool up for a week or 2? Post whoring used to earn a vacation a lot quicker.
  2. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    He's been on block since day 2.
  3. VR45 Troll

    VR45 Troll Site Mod Upgraded to Troll. Formerly “Maximum”

    Click the little button (block) one the right if you dont care for the entertainment
  4. Rdrace42

    Rdrace42 Almost Cheddar

    I say let him have free reign, and let him embarrass himself further. He can be left as an example of what a 'tool' is, for those that are unsure of the definition.
  5. gixxerboy55

    gixxerboy55 Well-Known Member

    He's like a modern day Don Rickles
  6. rd400racer

    rd400racer Well-Known Member

    Agreed, I have no idea what they're talking about.
    Sabre699 likes this.
  7. dsapsis

    dsapsis El Jefe de los Monos

    Speaking of definitions -- it's "rein". :beer:
  8. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    Unless you're referring to King Tool. o_O

    (edit: that sounded way less ghey in my head)
    StaccatoFan likes this.
  9. notbostrom

    notbostrom DaveK broke the interwebs

  10. bleacht

    bleacht Well-Known Member

    You guys need safe spaces now? Asking for someone to get blocked? Just let it ride.
  11. pickled egg

    pickled egg We need moah buttah

    I’m not asking for the cunt to be blocked.

    I’m asking for him to be shot into low orbit above the Norks and see how good their weaponry is. :D
    notbostrom likes this.
  12. 418

    418 Expert #59

    Both these fools getting soft in their old age.

    Bugslayer and notbostrom like this.
  13. wsmc42

    wsmc42 Well-Known Member

    Is VR45 AMAFan (or whatever the name was) reincarnated?
    418 likes this.
  14. fastedyamaha

    fastedyamaha Well-Known Member

    I discovered that I have to login in order for the block to be in effect!
  15. jdavis6446

    jdavis6446 Well-Known Member

    I have been reading this forum since 2006 and I do not remember a more obnoxious person than VR45. He or She is an ass.
    StaccatoFan and notbostrom like this.
  16. Clay

    Clay Well-Known Member

    Ze/zer. Obviously a ze/zer.
    CBRRRRR999 likes this.
  17. R1Racer99

    R1Racer99 Well-Known Member

    What threads is this in? I feel like I’m missing out on the entertainment.
    Once a Wanker.., Gino230 and ToofPic like this.
  18. notbostrom

    notbostrom DaveK broke the interwebs

    All of them
    Once a Wanker.. likes this.
  19. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Quit being a collective group of bitches! “Oh, he’s annoying” or whatever. Put on you big boy pants, but up and either ignore him or put him on Ignore.

    gawd, when did you all turn into such a collective group of pussy assed pussies ?

    Fuck. . .
  20. fastedyamaha

    fastedyamaha Well-Known Member

    We all know the answer to that but I ain’t taking one for the team by saying it :bow:

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