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Good hobby RC car for son?

Discussion in 'General' started by EngineNoO9, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. EngineNoO9

    EngineNoO9 Well-Known Member

    My son turns 5 in a month and he wants another RC car. He's mostly mastered the cheapo monster truck we got him last year and several other lower end ones. He's also an ace with his power wheels. Want to upgrade him to something better that actually had suspension. Low end hobby RC would seem the lost attractive due to spare parts. Though I'm not really feeling having to spend $200'ish for a base model car. Latrax does have a pre runner that's like $109 but it seems to get mixed reviews. It would be upgradeable though and have spares. Thoughts? Recommendations?
  2. Dragginass

    Dragginass Well-Known Member

    Traxxas is a good entry point into the "real" r/c cars. Hobby King also has some house brand cars that are decent. Last time I looked Traxxas had cars you could run cheaper NiMH batteries in then upgrade to LiPo later.
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  3. tito

    tito Well-Known Member

    just to warn you...RC is like racing. you always need one more part, or new tires, or gas... it gets expensive quick.
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  4. Trinity Rx7

    Trinity Rx7 Well-Known Member

    The traxxas slash is perfect, the "base" model slash still uses the cheap non lipo batteries. It can be put in training mode that only allows 50% power, which is perfect for kids so when they run it into things its not going full speed. Parts are cheap and plentiful. Traxxas has what they call the power up program so you can upgrade to the better fast motor down the road if you want. I got my son one when he was 4 and it was perfect, he is 7 now and still loves it. Hours of fun .
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  5. Jaketheone46

    Jaketheone46 Well-Known Member

    Definitely Traxxas as your going to want to be able to get parts easily and every hobby shop I’ve ever been in stocks mostly traxxas parts. At that age Traxxas will also be the best for durability and even the ability to slow the vehicle down a bit with the remote where he won’t be able to tear it up to quickly.

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