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Fedex delivery issues

Discussion in 'General' started by iomfan, Feb 4, 2023.

  1. iomfan

    iomfan Well-Known Member

    The delivery this past Saturday the 4th looks like it was not a FedEx delivery problem as I did not recognize a FedEx label.

    The supposed delivery on Feb 28 I'm not sure of anything but the package was not handed to me and I still don't have it.
  2. motion

    motion Nihilistic Member

    F'ING FEDEX!!!! I left my travel ATM card (Schwab) in an ATM in Vietnam. Schwab was nice enough to send me a new one, addressed to my hotel, but it only made it as far as Da Nang, then was returned. So now I'm still using my stoopid Chase card, incurring huge foreign transaction fees (10%) and $5 surcharges every time I hit a machine. I'm out a few hundies already. GRRRRRRR
  3. BigBird

    BigBird blah


    DHL is the best at international
  4. iomfan

    iomfan Well-Known Member

    My head would explode.

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