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ex500 Ninja

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by se3 racer, Aug 16, 2022.

  1. se3 racer

    se3 racer Active Member

    Built a couple years ago to get back into racing, but a back injury has kept me off 2 wheels and will not be returning to the track.

    Built from a clean 2007 donor with 3k street miles.
    -Stock low mileage engine, 3k street, 5 track days
    -complete 1st gen R6 front end, thermosman built, sprung for 200# rider, 120 tire
    -vortex clip ons
    -front and rear braided lines
    -keyless ignition
    -adjustable levers
    -keyless race type fuel cap
    -Sharkskins GSXR upper grafted to AirtechEX500 lower (looks fantastic), Airtech supersports race tail
    -Woodcraft rear sts
    -520 chain
    -EX300 swinger fitted with SV 650 wheel and sprocket, 160 tire
    -Penske double sprung for 200# rider
    -Muzzys full exhaust
    -solid motor mounts
    -sticker Bridgestone 110/140 rain tires on custom fitted FZR600 3" front and EX300 rear wheels

    90% complete parts bike, was building for a rain bike including
    -fresh built front end with gold valves sprung for 200#rider
    -2 front wheels with floating rotors
    -EX300 rear wheel, multiple ex500 rear wheels
    -Low time complete built motor
    -Penske double sprung for 200#rider
    -EX500 Airtech upper (no other race bodywork)
    -520 chain and sprockets with multiple spares
    -solid motor mounts
    -clip ons (no name)
    -adjustable levers
    -braided lines
    -American made machine shop built rearsets (woodcraft copy)
    -race gas cap
    -full race exhaust (nice piece, brand unknown)

    sale includes both bikes and all EX500 related spares that I have
    Asking $2800
    please contact traatz@mindspring.com

    IMG_0013.jpg IMG_0014.jpg IMG_0015.jpg
  2. se3 racer

    se3 racer Active Member

    IMG_0020.jpg IMG_0021.jpg IMG_1142 (1).jpg more pics
  3. se3 racer

    se3 racer Active Member

    I think I have this priced too high
    How about $2200 for everything
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  4. DBax504

    DBax504 Well-Known Member

    Still available?
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  5. se3 racer

    se3 racer Active Member

  6. Amvega

    Amvega Member

    Where are you located?
  7. Ricky T

    Ricky T Well-Known Member

  8. thunderalley3

    thunderalley3 Well-Known Member

    Looks like a deal, Profile says Canton Ga. which is N of Atlanta
  9. se3 racer

    se3 racer Active Member

    30 min north of Atlanta, Woodstock GA
  10. Ricky T

    Ricky T Well-Known Member

    Sent you a pm
  11. se3 racer

    se3 racer Active Member

    Sold Pending Meet.
  12. Jethro66

    Jethro66 Active Member

    Did it sell?

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