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Daniel Carcillo Psilocybin Concussion Therapy Webcast

Discussion in 'General' started by 27, Mar 31, 2024.

  1. skidooboy

    skidooboy supermotojunkie

    My last one was very similar to that. Racing sprint enduro's, on the 7th of 8 "test's" (laps, on 2 different track layouts). Crashed early, got up, finished test, back to the trailer, avoided everyone but, our group. None of the "officials" knew what happened. Talked my wife (medical) into letting me go out for the last test, to not lose all my points for the day. I was in a heated battle for 1st place in my class for season points, and was riding well... I dont remember the crash at all. I remember riding down the service road between the tracks, to the trailer, and getting to the trailer, after. I remember begging to go back out for the last lap. I dont remember much of the last lap except the start and finish, where I was at the trailer on my knees dry heaving, with one hell of a headache, and ringing ears. Then it was weeks of nausea, headaches, and ringing ears, and speaking, thinking issues. The things we do for a plastic trophy, and bragging rights for a few weeks. we r dum Ski
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  2. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    I'll try to write up something tomorrow when I have my desktop comp instead of my phone.

    If you want to experience any psychedelics YOU NEED a trusted guide. A person that has experience and can sit with you before, during and waaayyy afterwards to help you organize your thoughts and feelings. I cant stress the importance of having the right environment setting and mindfulness intentions of what you want to get out of this.

    You'll need vetted products. Not some stuff from a local unlicensed sales rep. Different strains of mushrooms have vastly different effects. You'll need to be off of certain meds that you might be on.

    More to write tomorrow. I'm going hiking to catch a sunset....
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  3. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    There it is… thanks Wingnut… I was hoping you were ready to offer your input and experiences for the guys new to it and or hesitant that need or want more structure and guidance. I’m pretty sure your programs are further along that Carcillo’s from our conversations months ago but it wasn’t my place to say… thanks for joining in to help guide these guys… like I said more good people doing good things for others… racers rock!

    While my experience is decades long and extensive it’s been in a very insulated/isolated environments and my two worlds just so happened to mix together perfectly. I know that’s not likely to happen for others.
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  4. Captain Morgan

    Captain Morgan Well-Known Member

    People can kind of change old man, maybe, 1 in a million, so your saying there's a chance
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  5. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    you can do anything you set your mind to man… we’ll be here to encourage you and make you laugh and share wisdom/experiences on everything as always… just make a plan for what makes you happy and work towards it… lots of supportive guys on here for the asking
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  6. Chino52405

    Chino52405 Well-Known Member

    I'm in an Ann Arbor suburb and need to take advantage of this more. The one time I got some here, I was able to pick my variety and have them delivered. I believe Ann Arbor. Washtenaw county, Ypsi and Detroit have all decriminalized mushrooms and I got some from a happy little farm in Ypsi.

    I've only used psychedelics recreationally and very sparingly after college, but have been interested in many of the more intensive therapeutic sessions with psilocybin (and ayahuasca and dmt...)
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  7. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    cool! I haven’t been over to that side of the hand in awhile… glad to know it’s progressing leaps and bounds it seems…

    Outside of recreation the micro dosing we’ve described has been really beneficial for so many people for so many issues.

    I’d recommend a daily dosage that goes unnoticed by your pleasure sensors for the most part just to try to engage the long term benefits of the available compounds for your brain.

    Thanks for the updated info and happy times and great health to you.
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  8. Captain Morgan

    Captain Morgan Well-Known Member

    well hoping is an option, think I'm kind of hammer fucked, can't seem to find the company credit card
  9. JBraun

    JBraun Well-Known Member

    If people can get their hands on Zofran, it won't interfere with the experience but will take down the nausea. I went to a retreat last year that used it and it was a big plus. It helped smooth out the experience more.

    For anyone curious, the nausea is brought on by two things; the skin on mushrooms isn't easily digestible and causes distress for some people. In that case you can grind them, soak them in lemon juice for a few minutes, and make tea. It will help pre-digest the membrane. The other issue is that ingesting psilocybin causes the gut to produce excess serotonin, which is one of the ways your body signals you to vomit.

    If you get nauseous progressively during the experience, it's former. If it lasts for an hour after ingestion, and then it subsides, it's the latter.
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  10. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    Went for a night hike last night with my 17yr old son. We like to run up the side of South Mountain here in Phoenix, take the national trail west until it gets dark outside when all the coyotes start barking around, Had quite a bit of rain here in the valley the last few days so the night time desert air is something special with the creosote scents. then we break out the headlamps and finish up the 4 miles back to the trail head. Good times on a school night.

    Back to psilocybin therapy.

    So I never really was "into" drugs ever. Growing up in the NYC area I was exposed to everything under the sun but I was always into sports and athletic stuff so other than trying a few things in my youth it just wasn't mu thing. Then as an adult I was in the aerospace/aviation world so was getting drug tested since I was a chief inspector for my own FAA repair station. Fast forward to a few years ago and my wife is looking at different therapies for my two oldest daughters. I've probably shared some stuff about them in the past but both were adopted out of foster care by us and came from severe abuse/neglect with tons of trauma. We tried A lOT of therapeutics for them both, equine (horse) EMDR, who name it, we tried it. My wife found out about Ketamine and Psilocybin therapy and conducted heavy research but before she was willing to refer my daughters to try it she took it upon herself to be the Guinea Pig. She found a center that offered Psilocybin as a treatment.

    My wife was brought up in the sense that drugs were bad and never had much experience with anything but after her experience with Psilocybin it has made a tremendous impact into her own life and outlook. We still have yet to have either of my daughters go through the therapy.

    and then she recommended that I go through it as well.......

    So my experience is as follows:
    First introductory phone call and interview with the lead Psychologist lasting about 1 hour, Going over a basic synopsis of my life and any issues relating to trauma, ( I don't as I've pretty much led a normal life from an average family) We go over any meds the I'm on and how some things could alter the full experience.
    Secondary phone interview lasting about an hour. schecdule my upcoming 3 day retreat with them

    Arrive at the house around 1 pm with other guests ( fancy mansion) they have a 2-1 staff ratio, we do a introduction with the entire group, basic info, first names only and what you want to accomplish. Cell phones are taken and locked up
    Change into comphy clothing, sit around in a large open living room in a tranquil setting, everyone is in a nesting like pod kinda like a bean bag chair mattress combo. talk again and mediate about setting our intentions. 6pm consume 5mg of a particular strain, put on headphones and eyemask. staff takes vital recordings like blood pressure and temps. lay back and zone out listening to the playlist which is the John Hopkins playlist, kinda like a sound bath with Tibetan monks chants, native Indian flute, wind chimes etc. ( I think the entire thing is some real Hippie dippie shit) and then about what I'm guessing was 40 minutes I start to feel the initial effects, thoughts trailing, colors and mild visuals in my mind. From there on it was a feeble attempt to hold on to reality, I tried, I tried so hard to hold onto something, thinking of my kids, what I had to do next week anything really just to stop this slipping away feeling. and then like letting go of a branch on a tree and just hoping I'll land safely I jus succumbed to whatever was about to take place. And then the wildest shit was happening, I was part of the music, i was a part of everything, i morphed into the ground my body was not here any more, colors, visuals, unbelievable visions and dream like situations and it kept getting deeper and deeper a total loss of reality, time, everything that I was, was just disintegrating. Coming apart at the very cells that made up my body. A total collapse, a turning into molecular dust. Kevin is no longer here or anywhere............Just a vast nothingness and everything all together.. kinda like a new sapling growing from a seed my mind started to rebuild and come back together.......
    Slowly started to return to consciousness but lacking the ability to group my thoughts. My body is back, I can feel my hands, I can feel my face, my bones..
    I felt disconnected though, everybody around me is starting to wake up and return just as I am. But I'm struggling. I don't want to talk, I don't want to hear about your experience. It's now around 3 am and I still can't sleep even though they offered a Tylonl PM to help. I gotta get the fuck outta here!! These people are crazy, I'm crazy, what the fuck did I just do?? I'm struggling bad. While under the deepest part of the plant I was having an amazing time, the coming out of it was difficult and I was just agitated. The following day everyone is just lounging around the house talking with each other, Yoga is offered, a light hike is offered, hang in the pool on some floats or mediate in some of the quiet rooms. They encouraged me to journal my feelings.... "Bitch I'm from Jersey!! I ain't got no feelings" is what I wanted to say......I'll just have some coffee and zone out in a quiet area of the house.

    Group therapy discussion around 1pm, I barely participate. Getting ready to take the second dose and I pull the Dr. to the side and politely decline. She encourages me to have a talk with my guide, Colleen is a woman just a few years older than me and assures me this cocktail is nothing like the first. She had a similar experience with the first dose and hated it. Said she'd be there to help me, right by my side.

    2nd night is a cocktail of different plants, but same setting. Comphy clothes, nest, eye mask, different music through the headphones. maybe an hour or so just when I feel the plants taking me over Collen wakes me up and walks me outside where everyone else is. Music playing all around, candles, lounge chairs.....Night 2 meds are an empathogen similar to MDMA. WOW!! the most overwhelming pleasant feelings I've ever had...Everything is amazing, I feel fucking blissful!! Like So good. I love me, I love you. I just Love.. Love is me and I am love....some playful dancing by the others in my group, lots of swaying away, hugs, holding hands. Like just such an overwhelming feeling of connections. laughs and laughs and just LOVE!

    Dr. starts to talk to us about trauma and some people just naturally start sharing their own experiences but this time its so much easier to discuss, no pain, no anger. Just healing. WOW!! it might have been the best night of my life.

    I would encourage anyone here to really do your own research and find a trusted therapist who could really guide you through this. I couldn't imagine what would or could have happened if I took 5 grams and didn't have someone there.

    I have done some microdosing but it's not really my thing.

    I will say that since my retreat even though it's been well over 2 years ago I still find myself feeling very connected to the world around me, I carry myself differently, I care more. I love more. Even you! I just have a more purposeful existence every day. I look for ways to connect with people, I don't waste my time with things without meaning.

    More to follow............
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  11. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    Sadly, Most places or people that I've met over the last 2 years that offer "retreats" are bullshit guru, cult like weirdos, especially the Ayahuasca ones. My bullshit meter is always running as soon as I hear some of them open their mouths.

    I wish I could offer some more info but its still illegal and some of the quality people that I would recommend have massive wait lists. Message direct and we could discuss over a phone.

    Oh and DMT is on a completely different dimension. I would not recommend that for newbies. You are just GONE!!!!! Awakening into a place you never have seen before, living a life there that you can't bring back here...
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  12. pfhenry

    pfhenry Well-Known Member

    I may or may not have done this more than a few times in my early years... Shroomery(sp.).org had a lot of info and i got my hands on some penis envy spores (allegedly). "a cube(cubensis) is a cube... except for penis envy." Hamilton's Pharmacopeia maybe..bad with quotes...

    I have some stories of dose and experience if anyone is interested usually 3.5g - unknown.

    Always wanted to cltivate the azurescens but its not cold enough here and i used rice over cedar chips..oops!
  13. brex

    brex Well-Known Member

    I don't like the sound of that retreat hippy thing, I don't really care about any kind of tripping. I do want to see what it can do for me as far as concussion symptoms, so I am still looking for a good test program to get into when they become legal here next month.
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  14. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    I was definitely the odd man out that weekend. I'm usually "not in touch with my mindfulness" I heard the phrase " My Journey" dropped every 3 minutes.

    As far as concussion recovery you want to look into less than 3 grams or micro-dosing.
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  15. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    Brex, as I said we’re all different but I think my methods fit our racers mentality more than the hippy retreat thing… I’ll respond to Wingnut on that in a minute but…

    no matter what program you can find… when you can get your hands on them and are comfortable doing so… try this and don’t worry about it… eat an average size one before bed… they’ll vary around 1/2 gram average most likely…

    get started asap… and if you’re not in a study… make your own… do your own testing and timing and try to assess your mental aptitude…

    that’s how we start our elders… there has never been any issues from any of them… they don’t report anything positive or negative just after a week or so they “feel better” and we notice improvements in them most always…

    Most of us are looking to keep bad stuff away and make incremental improvements… this is the way I believe…

    Wingnut’s story would’ve scared me off if I hadn’t known better :)
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  16. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    your last paragraph said the important part of what I want to stress that Jbraun and I discussed… I think it is crucial to differentiate between the physical healing properties of psilocybin for concussion recovery and a more spiritual quest types of experience.

    micro dosing as I’ve described if a gram a day or so continuously for extended periods has proven to be so effective and a godsend for many sufferers of MCS CTE etc… I’ve yet to see any negative in anyway from anyone… it works for so many… and if it doesn’t then there is no harm whatsoever… so by all means fellas do what works for you and I’d bet this method is helpful without any risk.

    ok… I’ll reply to that crazy ball tripping ordeal :D which is not in anyway connected to a normal concussion recovery plan
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  17. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    ok… to each their own… and anyone that knows me knows I’m a bit much to take they’ve said… I’m opinionated, outspoken, been called abrasive and my favorite… told I need to come with a cup full of sugar to sweeten up the interaction when I meet someone new :D I think that’s many of us and why this place rocks for most of us…

    But we’re getting off concussion therapy into spiritual quests imo

    I’m glad Wingnut is experiencing the leaps and bounds he’s taken since we started PMing about this months ago… and it’s great that he’s found comfortable environments to achieve their goals… but… not all of us can do that… for a number of reasons whether it’s financial or occupational or familial or even personal barriers that would never allow that type of environment/experience like me…

    that being said there is absolutely no way I could ever go to a retreat type of gig for anything… I don’t care what it is and it if it’s the only way to experience it ever… I’m not doing it…

    I don’t conform I don’t like groups, I don’t follow directions, I don’t think anyone knows me better than me and I don’t trust anyone with my mentality…

    furthermore… I can’t be hypnotized… I absolutely do not hallucinate no matter what the substance enhancer has been… the only one I haven’t tried is DMT and that is probably the most intriguing thing for me… I do believe the human mind is incredibly throttled and hope that we as a race learn to expand that to new levels through any means available…

    I’ll make another post about my 2014 concussion recovery methods that made Wingnuts first night a daily snack all day everyday for so so long… but it worked and I’m so thankful for that…
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  18. pfhenry

    pfhenry Well-Known Member

    see youtube thread for the Hamilton's Pharmacopeia link
  19. pickled egg

    pickled egg There is no “try”

    You’re a fucking field of daffodils in comparison, there, buddy.

    Stick with me. I’ll learn ya real good how to be a briar patch. :D
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  20. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    oddly enough you are one of the “many of us” I was thinking about when I wrote that ;) everyone needs heroes to aspire to… I appreciate you brother :D

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