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Daniel Carcillo Psilocybin Concussion Therapy Webcast

Discussion in 'General' started by 27, Mar 31, 2024.

  1. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    he just said he waited until 8 am in that other thread :D Who knows maybe he’ll only be 1st mate Morgan then down to deck hand Morgan and then no more Morgan… whatever he decides it’s all on him… all we can do is offer encouragement… he might remember where all the stashed cash is too :D
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  2. JBraun

    JBraun Well-Known Member

    Has your experience thus far been exclusively mushrooms? Any 5MAO/Ayahuasca/Ibogaine, etc.? Not referring to what you may or may not have taken for a good time, but what you've tried for therapeutic reasons.
  3. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    For therapeutics it’s been primarily psilocybin strains. I haven’t had a concussion in a good long while now but am hoping the preventative maintenance will keep my mind healthy until long after my body wears out.

    There is another poster in here that you should talk to as his experiences have taken him down the very alternatives you’ve mentioned. Hopefully he’ll see this and pm you or if you guys are comfortable please share your experiences as I’d love to hear them.

    I will have more time this year to explore some non physical issues that should be addressed and I’m sure alternative therapies could be instrumental in healing them.
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  4. wiggeywackyo

    wiggeywackyo Well-Known Member

    This thread should be stickied.

    My small contribution is Lions mane and nootropics, in general.

    As a long time self-righteous engineer/scientist type, I frowned upon alternative hippy medication.

    I tried Lions mane just out of sheer curiosity, and it legitimately worked. The mental clarity gained was noticeable within days of starting it.
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  5. Boman Forklift

    Boman Forklift Well-Known Member

    I know nothing about any of this and have never even smoked pot. Only drugs I've taken are booze and doctor prescribed meds. However, I've had a few concussions, and with age, my short term memory isn't nearly as good as it used to be. This definitely has me interested and my dad is either getting dementia or Alzheimer's, he won't go get diagnosed, but his memory is really bad. Thanks for posting this thread.
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  6. skidooboy

    skidooboy supermotojunkie

    The kid has friends that own legal grow ops, and one is even into the psilocybin. He has concussion issues and suggested lions mane to "prep" for the psilocybin treatment, instead of jumping right in with the psilocybin. Fascinating stuff. Maybe we all need a group therapy session, and then do a podcast on the results, effects, short term and long term. Ski
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  7. brex

    brex Well-Known Member

    My dad died from brain cancer, so the concussion stuff has me quite paranoid that his fate is mine. I have already started down the CBD path to try preempting it.
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  8. Boman Forklift

    Boman Forklift Well-Known Member

    Yes, my dad is only 20 years older than I am, and I'm getting paranoid about that too.
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  9. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    sounds like a regular Sunday night after a Grattan round in the 90s :crackup:that was by the handful then though… man I miss my 20s somedays :D

    Seriously though… you’re worrying about nothing… you’re not going to “trip” from a shroom a day… but whatever it takes to get you started on healing and preventing the onset of early issues…

    and it’s really cool that you already have a connection… have him grow some Psilocibe Mexicana it’s the best imo but all of them will work…
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  10. Rising

    Rising Well-Known Member

    Do the effects of the psilocybins decrease over time to where the dosage has to be increased to have the same benefit?
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  11. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    geezus i’m glad I brought it up before all you old geezers forgot your names!!!
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  12. pickled egg

    pickled egg There is no “try”

    May as well use some eye of newt and balls of Minotaur while you’re at it…

    Fucking hippies. :D
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  13. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    everyone is different, but no it’s not a tolerance building type of thing… the same amount now as when a kid gets the same results… and we’re talking 35 years span with sometimes multiple years without as life changes as do your activities. Psilocybin has been a constant.

    I do firmly believe that your brain stores Psilocybin and can release it at certain times when triggered. That is from years and years of personal experiences with no scientific backing but I know what happens when I exert a level of intensity upon completion of the task when I have ingested Psilocybin regularly compared to without.

    I believe it interacts with adrenaline and other compounds and the feeling you get when recharging after a rush is very different with a quicker recovery for the next go’round.
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  14. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    time to fire up some Clutch Minotaur! As soon as this Silversun Pickups song is over :D

    Bout time I threadjack my own thread… mmmm hippiechicks… ;)
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  15. JBraun

    JBraun Well-Known Member

    I'm just always curious about what other people are doing because my experience has been mixed. I've experienced Psilocybin, DMT, and Ayahuasca. I'm more of a macrodose guy, and by far my best results have been with Psilocybin. I've had some whopper doses that were incredibly valuable, and have also had really good results from combining a smaller dose (1-2g) with intense breathwork.

    Ayahuasca wasn't for me. I hesitate to condemn because I know it's been life changing for some people, but for me it was frankly awful. During three "ceremonies" on consecutive nights I basically just got sick. The psychedelic effects were minimal to zero, and the nausea was debilitating. Vomiting may have offered some relief but I just couldn't. There was something off about the whole thing honestly. A lot of tension between the facilitators, and a cult vibe that was hard to ignore. There were good things about the experience but the cons outweighed the pros.

    DMT is... I don't even know. It's intense. You legitimately depart from this version of reality for about 15-20 minutes and arrive in a parallel one that is no less real. Then it's just over and you're wondering if you know a single fucking thing about anything. Like all psychedelics, I had no desire to do it again initially, but after a year I'm considering another dose.

    I'm experienced but not an expert, and the advice I would offer is to curious folks is proceed with caution and be very deliberate about mindset, setting, and dosage. These are not drugs of abuse but are powerful tools that can hurt you if you're flippant about their application.
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  16. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing that… were those Ayuhusca and DMT trips for concussion treatment or a spiritual quest?

    And man… environment is so crucial even with high dosage shrooms I can imagine how bad a negative energy would effect the more intense substances.
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  17. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear Brex… you’re on it early you’ll be fine…

    I was reading about the new Utah law and some studies planned… USF and John’s Hopkins both had lots of good reads… big pharma is racing to synthesize and patent psilocybin to cash in like the evil we all know they are… natural will always be best imo…

    If you don’t find a study or get into a test group right away just get up to Moab or Arches or some of the top secret natural wonders you’re hiding in your state and hit up some climbers… they’re always shrooming :D

    Good Luck!
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  18. JBraun

    JBraun Well-Known Member

    I'd say treatment for the side effects of concussions more than the injuries themselves.

    Like many of us I've taken my knocks. Most of it from motocross, a couple from boxing and MMA. It seems stupid now but we didn't know what we didn't know. It wasn't uncommon back in the day to get knocked out in a crash, drink some water and go back out for your next Moto.

    Oddly enough, the one that changed everything was a surfing accident. Took a board to the face and caved in my nose, orbital and cheekbone. Had a nice long nap in the hospital, a bit of surgery, and the next 12 months were the hardest of my life. The thoughts I couldn't escape during that time led me to pursue psychedelic options.
  19. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    Understood and that’s one of the great things about psilocybin to me as I believe there is an absolute physical healing component, we’ve discussed it and whether or not mice brain studies make that leap or not, there is absolute proof of brain function gains. In addition to the great mental and emotional healing that so many of us experience with its treatment.

    I concur completely and we used to practice the answers to all the standard questions asked by EMTs like… Name, Age, Year, Location, President… that way they wouldn’t try to tell anyone we shouldn’t keep racing that day. I have stories that make you cringe… one of which a very concussed racer made the restart, when he shouldn’t have, forgot to fasten his helmet, crashed, it came off and after a week of ICU still died… yeah we absolutely didn’t know back then but it seems so far out there now…

    Glad you’re still with us and hope the thoughts stay positive for you but please reach out if I can help in any way.
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  20. CBRRRRR999

    CBRRRRR999 Well-Known Member

    If the raw product makes you ill, try making teas with them.
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