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Crash Proven Gloves

Discussion in 'General' started by rraiderr, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. mtmansl

    mtmansl Well-Known Member


    On the Knox Scaphoid Protectors...

  2. See, what had happened. :crackup:
  3. Rusty848

    Rusty848 Well-Known Member

    How hard is to send them and fix the seam?
    Get second pair and don't worry about it.
    I have held slade suit and in few areas the seams broke ,so what I bought second suit get the old one fix.
    I crash several times in phantoms no problems now I got the titans, crash in them few weeks ago,they hold great.i got everything twice just in case I crash and need to be send for repairs,just like my 3weeks old 2012 alpinestars race replica suit.
  4. caferace

    caferace No.

    Well it's good to know there's someone in Ohio rollin' in cash. :D

  5. Vitamin-E

    Vitamin-E cornerin lo in the 3-1-fo

    This^^. Get the current top of the line Teknics. Solid protection, no probs.
  6. inpayne

    inpayne Well-Known Member

    I've crashed a shit ton of times on my joe rocket gloves. Whatever ones maladin used to wear. Loved those gloves. I'd still wear them on the street.
  7. LordMDP

    LordMDP ... ... ... ....

    teknic violator gloves are probably the best bang for the buck
  8. cajun636

    cajun636 Honda Junkie.

    They ARE very good gloves. But you know what I found out? I had my Violators for a while. Now I've learned that it's basically your body's chemical make up. But the salt in my sweat and whatever else is in there, wore through the finger tips of my violators. Granted I had them two years and probably 30 trackdays. But that was also without falling.

    I also seen the same thing happen with Reagan Payne's suit. You could see the sweat line from I guess him sweating his ass off in an endurance race and you could see the sweat line from a couple of races before. He got on his bike and riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip it tore. Never been down. So I think that also may play into reasons for some failures.

    You would have to ask BB or Alexa for that type of info if they have ever heard of that.
  9. V5 Racer

    V5 Racer Yo!

    I'm with you on the gloves, as long as they aren't torn up I keep using them.

    Tires? I'll run tires someone else crashed on, the juju is in their head. :D

    That's not what I want to hear. Looks like I will be shopping for something else.
  10. Rusty848

    Rusty848 Well-Known Member

    i meet guy at putnam last month ,he got slade suit too.i want to show him what seams i need fix on my suit,and he got same problem,he dont even notice he got broken seams.
    seams broke in three areas by zipper,the big stratch panel on your lower back,collar.
    thats why i dont buy second held suit and rather go with the alpinestars.
  11. rraiderr

    rraiderr Ron Jermey Jr

    Wish I had that kind of cash, would be nice to have two sets of everything.
  12. DucatiBomber

    DucatiBomber DJ Double A

    i read you posts i hear italian accent. make me laugh.

    Ride safe,
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2012
  13. rraiderr

    rraiderr Ron Jermey Jr

    Here the requested pics. Held Phantoms with 4 months of track use.

    Both the right and left gloves.

    Still no word on if they will replace them or not.


  14. brianspeed3

    brianspeed3 Well-Known Member

    Bought a pair of the handroids beginning of this year. Have not gone down in them but you could never tell. The slider in the palm is worn down and the seems have opened around it. They do not fit me super well either. The seem is only the outer layer of material so i am still very confident that they will hold up in a crash. I had a pair of Frank Thomas gloves I picked up at cycle gear a few years ago. Lowsided at CMP at the end of the back straight and slide and rolled all the way off the outside of that corner. Not a single seem broke and i will still were them now. I only paid $35 at the time but they are roo skin on the palm. Go figure the cheap gloves held up longer the the handroids. oh well. If any one wants to buy the handroids, i will be at Road A and GNF just find me in the pits and have a look at them. Make me an offer!
  15. SlyRy

    SlyRy Registered user

    Teknic Xcelerators. Comfortable and survived several crashes (I had them when they were called by another name, can't remember)
  16. Matt H

    Matt H ah, mi scusi

    +1. My Komodo K-FX gloves were awesome. Protection and quality were amazing. Crashed amazingly well. Best gloves I ever owned.
  17. mb4lunch

    mb4lunch Expert#40 SouthEast

    You would look good in a Scorpion suite! You would look so much more like a fast guy. Like me.


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