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2019 KTM 790

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by John Hildebrand, Oct 8, 2021.

  1. 2019 KTM 790 DUKE FOR SALE

    Perfect for Lightweight class. Last raced in 2020. Only 7 race weekends on top end upgrade with CP Pistons

    CP Prototype Lightened Pistons/Wrist Pins (stock bore and compression)
    Power Commander 5
    Arrow Titanium Twin Muffler Exhaust
    Brembo Monoblocks (From Ducati Panigale)
    GP Suspension Front Cartridge Kit
    Penske Shock (Extended 10mm Length)
    Speigler Fr & Rear Brake Lines (Re-Plumbed for no ABS)
    Full spectrum Lithium Battery (425 CCA)
    MWR Filter & Power Up Kit
    Evotech Frame Sliders
    Evotech Radiator Guard
    SuperSprox Rr Sprocket x 3 Sprockets
    Air Cannister Removal Dongle
    ABS Dongle
    Dymag Alum. Front Wheel W/Galfer Superbike Rotors
    Dymag Rear Wheel W/OEM Rotor
    SuperSprox Rear Sprockets For Dymag Carrier x 4
    CTM 83 Bodywork - Belly Pan, Superbike Seat , Number Plate, and Windscreen
    Woodcraft - Stator Cover, Water Pump Cover, Hand Guard Set, Rearsets, Handlebar Clamp, Spools
    DID ERV3 Chain
    Includes OEM Wheels 2 Rears (Each W/Rotor), 1 Front W/Rotors

    Spare Parts

    Spare Set - CP Prototype Pistons/Wrist Pins (New/Unused)
    Clutch Plate Kit (Fibers & Steels)
    LH Handlebar Switch
    RH Handlebar Switch
    Ride By Wire Throttle Housing
    Ride By Wire Throttle Tube Throttle Tube

    Price: $12,500

    Contact John at [email protected]
  2. parillaguy

    parillaguy vintage+GP racer

    photos please.
  3. parillaguy... Please send me your email address for forwarding pictures....... [email protected]
  4. Raven21.... Received your forum note that you sent me an email.... Sorry, no email received on my end. Check my email address.... [email protected] I'll be glad to send pictures. Thx!
  5. mgiossi

    mgiossi Well-Known Member

    If this is Harlan's old bike I can vouch for how insane it is. Harlan is an insane rider to begin with but he was running lap record pace with this thing every weekend. Really really really well built.
  6. raven21

    raven21 Well-Known Member

    sent you a text.
  7. Will9465

    Will9465 Well-Known Member

  8. Crconnor18

    Crconnor18 Well-Known Member

    Interested in selling OEM wheels separately in a local sale?
  9. Mgiossi..... Thanks for the kind words regarding the bike and Harlan's riding!
  10. Crconnor.... Thank you for asking but going to let the wheels go as part of the bike purchase package.
  11. Will9465..... Pics sent to your email account... Thanks for the inquiry.
  12. 2019 KTM 790 still available.

    NOVARC51RACER Well-Known Member

  14. The KTM 790 has been sold. Thank you for all inquiries.
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