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2018 Ninja 400 NY

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Chasingstatuszx10r, Sep 18, 2023.

  1. Chasingstatuszx10r

    Chasingstatuszx10r Well-Known Member

    2018 ninja 400 I built for this season for a TD bike. I purchased it with 4600 miles
    5,189 miles on the bike currently and I'm located in upstate NY w title and OEM parts.
    The bike can be test ridden at NYST cash in hand the 23rd or 30th if interested.
    Needs absolutely nothing! I'm looking for 6K OBO. No trades please. Also selling a 2020 ZX10R... if interested lmk.

    2018 Ninja 400 parts list:
    Traction AR-25 springs (6/23)
    K-tech razor R rear shock
    eBay exhaust
    Veshrah carbon pads (6/23)
    Woodcraft rearsets
    Woodcraft case covers
    Spears racing clutch assist
    Spears racing clutch detent spring
    Spears racing gear shift lockout kit
    Woodcraft key delete
    Armour bodies body work
    Vortex v3 gas cap
    Bonamici clip ons
    Spears racing aluminum steering stop
    Spears racing kickstand delete kit
    Spears racing light switch delete kit
    More vids and pics available upon request

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  2. Chasingstatuszx10r

    Chasingstatuszx10r Well-Known Member

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