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2015 CBR 300r

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by mmckillip493, Jun 19, 2024.

  1. mmckillip493

    mmckillip493 Member

    Selling our 2015 CBR 300r. It is/was used as my wife's track bike. New tires, vortex clip-ons, arashai rear sets hot bodies fairings. We also have the original fairings, mirrors and lights. Great running bike and excellent track starter. $2900

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  2. scridercoach

    scridercoach Active Member

    Location would help.
  3. mmckillip493

    mmckillip493 Member

    Apologies! Spring City, TN
  4. schooley

    schooley Member

    Still available?
  5. mmckillip493

    mmckillip493 Member

  6. mmckillip493

    mmckillip493 Member

    @schooley are you still interested or do you have any other questions I can answer? If you're still interested I'll go 2500 and meet you half way to deliver.

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