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2002/2008 Honda RS125R, fully rebuilt and fast

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by Brooklyn67, Feb 12, 2024.

  1. Brooklyn67

    Brooklyn67 Well-Known Member

    2002 / 2008 Honda RS125 located in upstate, NY.
    Very, very fast developed bike. I raced this bike to multiple regional and national wins. The entire engine has 20 miles on it - fully rebuilt with brand new parts including the crank (new not rebuilt), all seals, bearings, circlips, gaskets, and the entire top end which uses a VHM A-kit piston.

    The frame, swingarm and fuel tank are from an all-Japan series racebike from 2002. The engine/transmission are from a 2008 machine with new cases that have 2 seasons on them.. It has brand new/unused forks (just installed) that I freshened up with new Silkolene RSF oil and springs. Other brand new parts include: Rear master cylinder, carbon fiber reeds, DID 415 chain, tail section. It has a tuned Frank Wrathall cylinder, Wrathall pipe w/ Tony Green silencer, D-bore powerjet carb (you’ll never see another one), VHM Head (comes with 6 inserts of different sizes and squish), Det. counter, KLS quick shifter, Toby steering dampener, Brembo radial master cylinder, carbon fiber airbox. Rear shock is also freshly rebuilt. Springs are set up for a 150-165 lb rider.

    The bike is ready to race and am happy to provide tuning notes. Makes great power throughout the entire rev range, but especially in the top end.
    The bike also comes with:
    - Full jetting
    - VHM deck height gauge
    - Longacre air density gauge
    - VHM inserts: 10.0, 10.2, 10.4 in .6 and .65 quish (6 total)
    - Spare stock pipe
    - New Denso long reach plug for use with Det. counters
    - New Vertex A-kit piston (comes with ring, pin, clips)
    - Lots of gearing and many sprockets have a GP quick change carrier attached
    - New lower fairing
    - 2 Additional used/good tail sections
    - 2 spare coils (good used condition)
    - New EBC Double H front brake pads
    - Spare levers
    - Rear stand
    - 2004 HRC Manual

    Dropbox link to view more photos: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/du1ncy6q05ze9p5pwbx2u/h?rlkey=zgor0aegjqjuvoeuhbs4qm304&dl=0

    Bike in action @ Summit Point:


    NOT INCLUDED, but also available for $2,500 - Spare engine with 600 miles on it (doesn't include cylinder or head). I also have some other trick parts that could/would come at an additional cost: Crankshafts, fresh tuned as well as new cylinders, Kevin Murray heads, etc...

    Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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  2. Super Dave

    Super Dave Exhausted and Abused

    That's a very wild carb! I agree I might not see another!

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