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2000 SV650 SS Race Bike in Atlanta

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by se3 racer, Aug 17, 2022.

  1. se3 racer

    se3 racer Active Member

    Purchased back in 2019. Cleaned it up, put fresh rubber on it, serviced all the fluids, resprung for 200# rider, and corrected some rough bits that needed attention. Rode at 3 track days before finding out my back was not going to allow me to return to the track.
    needs a battery and carbs gone through since it has been on stands for 3 years

    $2400 OBO

    contact me at traatz@mindspring.com

    link to original sale ad where I bought it---------------------


    text from original ad--------------------------------

    2000 SV650 ready to race. In fact I raced it at Road Atlanta in June. It passes tech and works perfectly.

    Originally built by these guys - http://www.mcofmd.com/
    2 seasons on motor (it was stock built by MCOFMD)
    Straight bike that has been to GMD and measured as such
    Forks have emulators in them and are sprung for 175lbs rider (setup by GMD)
    Penske Rear Shock also setup for 175lbs rider (setup by GMD)
    Stainless brake lines
    Hyper Pro Steering Dampener
    Clips ons
    Frame Sliders
    Spools on swing arm for stand
    Vortex Rear Sets
    Full Yoshi exhaust system
    Second set of wheels with rotors
    Body work is OK. I low sided it back in 2014. It went to GMD after the low side. Bike is 100% straight. Tank has some rash but no dents.
    R6 1/4 turn throttle
    All of the various sprockets one would need for racing in the SE Region
    Box of spares
  2. scridercoach

    scridercoach Member

    Current pictures that are not from 2017?
  3. se3 racer

    se3 racer Active Member

    not in the best spot in my shop to get pics, but just took these. IMG_1143.jpg IMG_1144.jpg IMG_1145.jpg

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