WTB: 04/05 GSX-R 600 Parts

Discussion in 'Wanted to buy or trade' started by Justin Joseph, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Justin Joseph

    Justin Joseph Member

    Looking specifically for front rotors, rear shock, anything else you may have for the bike! Located in tristate NY/NJ/CT
  2. ricracer16

    ricracer16 Well-Known Member

    I have a rear brake master cylinder, axle and nut.

    Pm for details

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  3. rogers1323

    rogers1323 Well-Known Member

    Like stock rear shock? Or aftermarket specifically?
  4. Crispietofu

    Crispietofu Active Member

    I have a rear shock if your interested
  5. Justin Joseph

    Justin Joseph Member

  6. Justin Joseph

    Justin Joseph Member

    Stock? Looking to replace mine with 27K mi of wear
  7. Crispietofu

    Crispietofu Active Member

    Yup stock
  8. Chaplain45

    Chaplain45 Well-Known Member

    I parted out an 05 awhile back and still have a lot of leftover parts. Pm me a list of anything you need. Btw: bike is clean and I still have frame and title

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  9. Steve750r

    Steve750r Well-Known Member

    I have a bunch. Have s full leo vince exhaust for that particular bike and power commander III with quickshifter unit rod and sensor.
  10. mike-guy

    mike-guy Well-Known Member

    Can I send you a box of stuff?
  11. Biggboi

    Biggboi wera novice #446

    I have front calipers
  12. 280SQUAGGLER

    280SQUAGGLER Well-Known Member

    I have an aftermarket stator cover NCR $40 plus shipping
  13. Jose Piscoya

    Jose Piscoya Well-Known Member

    I have aftermarket rotors, spieglers and braking rotors... I also have the anniversary rotors for that year ... I’m in Clifton NJ
  14. WERA#190

    WERA#190 Well-Known Member

    Akrapovic evolution full race system mint condition $775 shipped and a brand new Leo Vince full race system $775. Shipped also..
  15. Jose Piscoya

    Jose Piscoya Well-Known Member

    I’m also selling a full TI Arrow system with Carbon can.... and a full TI Akra system
  16. Gixxer_Eddie

    Gixxer_Eddie Active Member

    I've got a vortex fairing stay brand new 80$ shipped
  17. DonTZ125

    DonTZ125 Purveyor of Neat Toys

    Under the heading of "anything else," I can offer a quick shift controller plus sensor, Push or Pull, for US$200 plus $15 shipping.
  18. Allan Kersey

    Allan Kersey Active Member

    I have an ohlins rear
    Shark skins body work with noteholders stay
    Brembo hp rotors
    Probaly a few other things
  19. speedfreak969

    speedfreak969 Well-Known Member

    I have a complete front end with axel and calipers.. if you’re interested.

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