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Who in the f*ck are these STG guys?

Discussion in 'Sportbike Track Gear' started by Sportbike Track Gear, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. track wagon

    track wagon MCAS MIRAMAR

    Just ordered 2017 zx10r body work from you. Dont know if I could have gotten a better deal but o well!!! Thanks
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  2. FXCLM5

    FXCLM5 Well-Known Member

    hope you guys post up your killer deals on this forum first!!!!!!!! i think ive spend easily a few gs with you guys in the past few years..... easily
  3. DmanSlam

    DmanSlam Well-Known Member


    Nothing like having a child follow in the old man's footsteps to re-discover the fountain of youth!
  4. track wagon

    track wagon MCAS MIRAMAR

    I have been reading your Yelp reviews. Looks like you guys need to get some shipping stuff worked out.
  5. Sportbike Track Gear

    Sportbike Track Gear We sell some motorcycle stuff sometimes

    Since 2006 you can bet your ass not every order has went been perfect, no matter how good you are or hard you work mistakes are made. We are not active on Yelp at all, for this reason we have very few service reviews. Trust Pilot and Google are the review services we have on the site and send out invitations for each order to review the service.

    We have 6,195 reviews on Trust Pilot currently with a 9.4 out of 10 Trust score. Of the 6,195 reviews 5,487 are 5 stars, 433 4 stars, 121 3 star, 55 2 star and 99 1 star.

    Google reviews are also on the site. There we have 2,149 total reviews with a 96% positive rating.

    No one is perfect, that said I don't know anyone who grounds their kids when they bring home a report card in the 94 - 96% range. If we fuck something up we fix it, when it really goes wrong I call and apologize personally.

    - Brian Van
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  6. track wagon

    track wagon MCAS MIRAMAR

    Ok I was just giving you a heads up that's all. I order alot from you guys and it's always been good!!! My whole ZX10r was built with parts ordered from you in the last 3 weeks.
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  7. Sportbike Track Gear

    Sportbike Track Gear We sell some motorcycle stuff sometimes

    No worries man, I just get fired up whenever Yelp is brought up. IMO Yelp can be a valuable asset when you are looking for a walk in local business like a restaurant. Yelp will solicit businesses that have negative reviews on their platform offering a paid solution that allows the business to manage the reviews at a higher level.

    Thanks for the business and enjoy the new 10R.
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  8. track wagon

    track wagon MCAS MIRAMAR

    No worries. It's coming together. Waiting on 2 more packages from you guys and it should be done this week.
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  9. JBinSD

    JBinSD Well-Known Member

    Yelp Blowz. As a fellow small biz dude, if you don't pay to advertise with them, they surpress good reviews. Peer review companies make buttloads of dough, and can positively or negatively affect a business. Hopefully STG can pick up the torch from TJ @ RD and keep the goodness flowing. . .
  10. Sportbike Track Gear

    Sportbike Track Gear We sell some motorcycle stuff sometimes

    IMO Yelp is a scam, total stick up style operation. I am all about customers sharing their experience, good or bad. Yelp uses negative reviews to extort money from businesses. TJ is a good dude and worked hard for all the Wera peeps, big shoes to fill for sure. The good news is Jimmy and I both wear a size 12. We are excited to be a part of the Wera family and will work hard to get you all dialed in.
  11. 2MM

    2MM Well-Known Member

    I can vouch for a personal call and apology when things weren't what I expected. I continue to place orders; the new order program through here has been excellent and surprisingly fast.
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  12. Sportbike Track Gear

    Sportbike Track Gear We sell some motorcycle stuff sometimes

    Appreciate you taking the time to leave the feedback! Happy to hear you like the Wera Program we have put together for sure. Jimmy does an excellent job, I am proud to have him on my team here at STG. - Van
  13. Cajun Kid

    Cajun Kid Well-Known Member

    STG is top notch! I have been a customer for years, and also worked hand in hand with their staff, while at Ballistic. Excellent company.
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  14. Sportbike Track Gear

    Sportbike Track Gear We sell some motorcycle stuff sometimes

    Thanks, I will send the check out today...
    Appreciate the support and kind words my man!
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  15. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

    I just ordered a Forcefield vest and some water wetter from your site. It looks like the background pic for both is a mountain of cocaine.... I assume that's included.
  16. PeaPod

    PeaPod Well-Known Member

    Well of course it is, but don't worry you can return it if not.;)
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  17. PeaPod

    PeaPod Well-Known Member

    Hey STG, where are you guys hiding?

    I miss seeing updates and new products posted on this site. I was hoping we would see the same level of interaction that RD used to provide here. I always enjoyed coming to check the WERA site out for what new postings RD had. They had a great picture and graphic team, really showing all the details of the product. Would find some interesting products I may not have been introduced to otherwise.

    RST suits are one example. I love my RST suits and would not have known where to get them previously. Also they showed some lever guards that got me set up on the cheap in that area. I always liked seeing the details of different race suits and gloves, etc... that you would get from their pictures.

    It would be great if you guys would post up product highlights daily? weekly? monthly? I get your e-mails, but maybe not all the peeps here do. Perhaps you could post up links to the videos, sales, etc... from those. For example, the Five brand gloves you just reviewed and really liked. Bet a lot of people here have not heard of them.

    Wish you guys the best and hope the sponsorship here is productive for you. If you ever want to come sponsor LRRS let us know!
  18. Sportbike Track Gear

    Sportbike Track Gear We sell some motorcycle stuff sometimes

    We have made a few posts here and will continue to add more as time passes. Our website and YouTube channel are updated constantly, the site receives new products and updates on a daily basis.

    Here is a link to a race gloves shootout we just wrapped up:

    Jimmy and I rode is 11 pairs of kick ass race gauntlets comparing fit, feel and features between them.

    Here is a link to our race suit shopping guide:

    Each of the suits featured here has a full video review and tons of sizing info in their respective listing.

    Pics are nice, IMO there is more detail available with the videos. Focusing on the suits I wear the suits in each of the videos which really highlights the difference in fit from model to model. We also disassemble the suits offering a look from the inside out.

    No one puts more effort into getting riders into the right stuff than we do here at STG.

    - Brian Van
  19. PeaPod

    PeaPod Well-Known Member


    Absolutely do appreciate your videos for the detail you get into! Always have you guys at the top of my list when doing my research on gear as your videos are usually very inclusive instead of just hitting highlights.
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  20. DaveEss

    DaveEss Well-Known Member

    These guys may not post as many deals and reviews on this forum as the company did in the past, but check out there website and you'll find in depth reviews on many products, and through here they are offering great pricing. Thank you guys!
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