Two 2004 Honda RS125r for sale $7500USD each

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    I have 2 Honda RS125r's for sale. They are located in Ontario, Canada. Some details on the bikes:

    White bike: This bike was purchased new in 2005 and I have had it for 5 years. I raced it for a partial season in SOAR (2 races) and a few track days. It has not been pushed hard and has 800 km on the bottom end. It has some significant upgrades: VHM head (set up for leaded c12), stock swing arm replaced with NSFR250 swing arm, Brembo GP4-RR 32/36 monoblock caliper with titanium pistons, Brembo 16x16 radial master cylinder, HRC data logger, HRC detonation counter, detonation and shift lights, set up with airbox. The bike is very quick and the brakes are awesome (much better than stock).

    Yellow bike: This bike was purchased new in 2006 and I have had it for 7 years. It is an Ontario bike and I raced it in SOAR for 2 years and did some track days. It has not been pushed hard and has 1600km on the bottom end. Has VHM head (set up for leaded c12) and marvic wheels otherwise pretty much as original.

    Pictures of both bikes at:

    Documentation is Bill of sale and I am asking $7,500 USD for each. In the photos there is also a long list of spares that I am also interested in selling. Am ready to discuss a package deal on bikes and/or parts but want to either sell bikes first or sell parts to whoever buys the bikes. If you take a look at the parts list you will see that I have enough parts to keep someone racing for awhile. Some items on the parts list: 3 - new crankshafts, 1 - new cylinder, 61 - head gaskets, 28 - Honda reed valves, 4 - Honda pistons, 8 - vertex pistons etc.

    If you are interested I can be reached through this site or text 519-807-1299 or email

    I am willing to help with transport or shipping at your cost.
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  2. Thomas999

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    The white bike has sold. The yellow is still available.
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    That white bike was sharp. Yellow is nice as well and would make a good roller for what I have dreamed of doing.....I have always wanted to own one of these and throw a CR500 or a Maico 700 82 hp motor in one of these
    Maybe someday if I win the lottery.:D

    Very nice bikes and great pictures presentations!
  4. Thomas999

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    Thanks boxcrash. I loved both bikes. The white one is a little sharper on the brakes but power wise there is little to choose between them. The are both awesomely fun to ride.

    Glad the photos were helpful.
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