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Discussion in 'General' started by Vinnie@proline, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. R Acree

    R Acree Banned

    I think this thread is getting close to a "best of" nomination. Either that or it needs to be moved to a soap opera site.
  2. charles

    charles The Transporter

    Round One completed here at the WERA BBS Fight Arena, with judges
    scoring it even...Skip's eye is swollen, but a sharp razor will fix that,
    while Vinnie is talking to his trainer about...receipts?...

  3. Hyperdyne

    Hyperdyne Indy United SBK

    From what I can tell there is no way anyone will reclaim parts without receipts. So it is my advice that each of you meet together at some neutral place and give back what belongs to the other and cut the monetary losses because without a written contract, it's pointless.

    Hashing this sh@t out on the interwebs isn't doing either of you any favors and will only make life more difficult if you do make it into court.

    And bringing up drugs and ex wives only makes both of you look like you're stretching to prove a point. Cut your losses and go your seperate ways fellas.
  4. Chip

    Chip I hate it.

  5. Vinnie@proline

    Vinnie@proline Well-Known Member

    My last statement NO REALLY I wont post anymore after this. You WERA GUYS are professional EVEN IF THER FORUM MAKES MANY OF US LOOK LIKE ASSES.. I chose to work with you as i felt I had learned enough about the aspect of roadracing in my 9+ years of racing and Owning a shop.. I thought you all would benefit from having me around and many of you have. I have learned alot more this season and will take it with me in life. I apologise for making a mockery of the forum with my posts and some of my language as well as poor spelling on those posts. I wish all of you LUCK(except Cycle Space and Skip) Ya even Keith (sorry man You know I wanted better for you). Good luck and see you at the GNF.
    Its funny that after 9 years only the guys I threw in jail for bringing me stolen bikes to work on, Skip and a few other jack asses dont like me. In this world that is pretty good. over and out
  6. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Trust me, no one could make a mockery of this forum....
  7. R Acree

    R Acree Banned

    But we do keep on trying.
  8. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    True, true.
  9. james walker

    james walker beat down, broken & busted

    ice road truckers...pfff.

  10. skip salenius

    skip salenius Well-Known Member

    Liar! You Really Are A Professional At What You Do Arent You? You Really Know How To Manipulate Everything Dont You? Have You Ever Heard Of Slander? Or How About Defamation Of Character Vinnie? You Cant Just Lie To Make Things Seem Like They Are In Your Favor. Keith And I Have Been In Wera For 5 Years Now, And Never Had Any Issues Before You...thats Funny. Nobody In The Paddock Trusted You From Day One. Ask Around. Yeah Youll Find Your Few Who Have No Idea. You Dont Know How Many People Who Have Come To Us Personally....and Told Us Nightmare Stories. Or How They Knew We Shouldnt Have Trusted You.
    You Cant Just Lie And Say Things About People And Drugs..thats Pretty Serious Vinnie. Drug Test Me Mother Fucker. No Drugs Around Me! And Im Pretty Sure Thats The Pot Calling The Kettle Vinnie? All The Times You Called Me And Keith And Cyclespace Crying Saying Your Wife Had An Affair And Your Child May Not Be Yours....yes I Can Stoop To Your Level Mother Fucker. You Cant Just Get Away With Talking Complete Shit About Me And My Teammate/ Team Owner. The Motor That Mike Daniels Is Renting From You.???? Is Yours!!! Change Vin Numbers? What The Fuck Are You Talking About? I Dont Know How To Change A Fucking Vin Number On A Bike... Nor Do I Care To.
    Vinnie... You Keep Digging Your Hole. For Now, You Sound Convincing Like You Convinced Us We Were Friends. Like You Convince People You Build Championship Motors. Convincing. At First. Til They Wind Up Broke And Out Of Choices But To Pay You Out Of Their Lives.
    A Real Psyco. Only A Fucked Up Psyco Would Know How To Twist Things So Well. You Really Are A Legitimate Con Artist. Congratulations On Building Your Life And Business Around Scamming People. You Really Are A True Professional! H
  11. R Acree

    R Acree Banned

    Skip, I have seen all caps, no caps and misused caps, but I have to give you props for the first posts I've seen with the first letter of every word capitalized. Carry on.
  12. Paige

    Paige BBS FF Champ

    That's what happens when you type in all caps in the Quick Reply box.
  13. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    I found 6 words that didn't start w/caps. WTF is wrong w/me?
  14. marshall92

    marshall92 Keith D. Marshall

    I'm not getting into specifics on here, I know who did wrong to who and how the Team I have been working with this season was lied to and take advantage of.

    I can recall about 10 separate instances of people coming up to me in the paddock this season since the Barber Round that have told me how they were ripped off just as I was, how they were taken advantage of as I was, and how they placed their trust in someone only to have it manipulated and twisted to have money extorted from them by someone they were trying to work with. These are facts, and I know that it is truth, come ask me personally and I can explain further anytime.

    I could air a lot of emails here, how our current team has been wronged, has been taken advantage of, how parts, and money were stolen from our team, how our team owner, actually sponsor; cant pick up his bike and is being threatened daily, and this is a good guy, an honest man who is trying to help this sport and industry and is being dragged down.

    We have a good team and have been trying to rebound from a bad situation all year, we have all struggled to move past several problems that have arisen from the creator of this post, have tried to be professional and private, unlike the creator of this post. Even I have been trying to recover from a big crash due to a 'crew chief' not doing his job, recovering physically and financially. Nevermind all other aspects of trying to work out runnning a team.

    Mongo, I would like this post taken off the BBS... Please. Lies and speculation are not something any team of a professional nature needs. As they say, people will listen even if a jackass is doing the talking.

    I feel I am an honest person and try to make the right call on things, I made the wrong call on this guy and I can just tell people that if they are thinking of working with him and his "Shop" (there is no shop, it's a guy and his garage) then think again, I strongly advise you against ever working with him, Ever.

    Keith D. Marshall
  15. james walker

    james walker beat down, broken & busted

    apparently the same thing that's wrong with me. damn o.c.d.
  16. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I love the software fixing that :D
  17. R Acree

    R Acree Banned

  18. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Well, at least Keith can type.

    Keith - I can understand why you'd want it removed, but I have a policy of not censoring people, no matter how stupid they are acting.
  19. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    yes, but procrastinating at work is the more direct cause...
  20. RCjohn

    RCjohn Killin machine.

    Dats da way we roll in internet fight club :up:

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