The work/time/money matrix

Discussion in 'General' started by JBraun, May 19, 2016.

  1. rk97

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    And this client had to ask you if it was a bad buy?? Or was he not aware of the fact that they weren't paying themselves?
  2. Kris87

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    I know people in the automotive business get a bad rap, but its one of the biggest, and easiest, ways to make really good money IMO. Especially if you're actually educated and intelligent, because then you're competing in a pool of guys that really aren't for the most part. On the sales side of our dealership, which would include managers, and sales staff, we have right at 50 people. Without actually looking at payroll, I'd say we have at least 35 of those that make over $100k, and probably 10 that make close to or over $200k. Granted the hours can be long, but no longer than some other professions I read about here. I worked hard when I was younger, paid my dues, so now I don't have to do the grind like I did. I have much more time to enjoy my family.

    Sadly, its very hard to find people wanting to get into automotive. If I could convince some bright, young people with good personalities to do it, and train them properly, they would make a very good living within a few years.
  3. JBraun

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    This. If it cleared 80 after paying each of them 60, game on.
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  4. JBraun

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    Actually I take that back. With half the workforce and all the brain trust leaving with the sale, I still wouldn't touch it.
  5. inpayne

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    I'm in automotive now. Ready to either move to a different business, or a better dealership. Mine has cool cars, but is ran by morons. Where do you work?
  6. Hollywood

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    If you mean Peoria, AZ, you're going to dig it man. Up and coming place, tons of good food, craft breweries and whisky joints on the up and coming, and lots of physically active ladies to look at. I've enjoyed the hell out of the last 8 days.
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    If the extra work you're putting in now only has the potential to double or triple your income (say 100k -> 300k), your life isn't going to change much. Of course you'll be able to afford a bigger house, which will be good because you'll need the extra space for all the slightly more expensive junk you accumulate that you have no time to use.

    I feel your pain, but think a good quality of life is more easily achieved when you know what you makes you happy. I no longer believe in the religion or career, being a 5 o'clock dad, accumulating things to keep pace with my neighbors, etc. I would much rather do, than have, and I'm doing my best to live that way. Of course all this is easy to say when we have money (and as a result) choice.

    If you can afford it, my advice would be to set time aside for family, friends, fitness, and motorcycles before extra work.
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    Multitasking is the key for me, I have everything I'm going to do each week already planned out, I'm a shop foreman at a high end dealership, I work a lot but when I need time off I take it. I only have one child so that makes it easier, the wife makes as much as me which really helps. I work my ass off in between race weekends, spend all my spare time with the wife and daughter in between race weekends as well. I don't "hang out" anywhere my schedule is the same every day and I stick to it, it doesn't bother me at all. I've never taken a lavish or long vacation. The wife can't get away from work even when she is off so she very much likes going to races because they are usually in areas with poor cellphone coverage.
  9. Is this a bad time to mention that I brought my golf clubs to the office and im just waiting on my 2pm tee time? :D
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    Not at all. I often have my mountain bike at my desk, our parking lot is not secure so there's no way I'm leaving it outside.
  11. Robby-Bobby

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    I'm just waiting for my track to take off so I can deposit my first millions.

    So far it's a perfect size oval to dump $$$ into.

    I'm working on a sponsorship deal to rename it "Broome International Raceway"
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    I think it was after my first run in an architecture office that I lost the desire to be an architect. I'm more than happy working for someone else at a good wage and benefits and hitting the door Friday night without having to think about work til Monday at 8. I certainly like what Im doing but its nice to just leave and think about vacations, or bike projects or nothing at all!
    I think the post about "What are your life goals" is the place to start. You may really like having your own businesses, but are they providing you with what you want?
  13. Key to success; keep the lines on the bullshit vs pay curve as close as possible, the rest falls into place.
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    The naming rights would require you to resurface the track every month due to the invariable scratch or blemish.
  15. Exactly.

    That is a common saying in the oilfield. "I can be paid well and deal with bullshit, or I can make less and have little bullshit. I will not be underpaid and deal with bullshit".
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    Sam and I drove the kid 45 minutes to play lacrosse in the rain yesterday. We stood in the rain for maybe two hours, got completely soaked and I enjoyed every second of it (except for my getting mildly lost on the way home and having a melt down).

    Then we watched lacrosse on tv for another 2 hours when we got home. :D

    I tell you, this not working 7 days a week shit is pretty f@ckin' alright especially if it's doing something the whole K tribe loves. :)
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    I think the older you get the better perspective you have on what life is really about, or I should say what you want your life to be really about.
  18. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Paige, I'm getting older and Sam says I'm getting nicer. She said the neighbors and the other lacrosse parents like me. LIES!!!! I think I'm just as mean or even meaner than ever. :D
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    Well what does it say with the fact that I actually liked you when I met you in person?

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