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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by pickled egg, Sep 16, 2017.

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    "Is there a level of self-awareness below zero?" Cracking me up.
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    Granted they both look like crap but somehow he's a frumpy dad-bod and she's a "knock-out". Basically they have the same body, but Schemer barely has some floppy knockers.

    The anti-white-male vitriol is quite palatable, well done Dailymail

    Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.58.42 AM.png
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    I bet Cap weighs less than twat waffle.
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    If you consider that unfunny pile of mush to be a "knockout".....then how do you classify this by comparison? If everyone's a winner then no-ones a winner

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    Context: it matters.

    Schumer has been derided for years for being chubby. DiCaprio used to be thin.
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    Amy Schumer isn't "ugly", but hot is most certainly pushing it. She's average to maybe a tick above average. That "headline" is an obvious SJW piece. I'm sure the same author has said extremely disparaging remarks about Melania...
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    Bullshit. :Poke:
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    To each their own. If she kept her mouth shut, she's what I'd call "pretty". Not hot, but certainly not ugly. It's her politics that have made her "ugly" to me. Same with Scarjo. She used to be the #1 on my hotness meter. Then she got all SJW and I don't want to see a thing about her anymore.
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    I just cannot see this in any way shape or need to get out more lol. Maybe when she was younger and much less frumpy I could sort of agree with you, but no way in hell since those days.




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    Ok, when you post the worst of the worst photos. :p I remember her from her standup days when she'd make fun of herself for not getting laid and not being ugly but not being hot. I'm also not one of those guys that expects a woman to be hotter than I am. I'm 42, stopped working out a few years ago. My wife is still beautiful to me, but she's 43, had a few kids and neither of us care about being attractive to 20 something kids that still care about being "hot". My standards are not what they once were, though I've always found a REAL woman far more attractive than thin model type twigs.
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    Off topic, but every time I scroll past your post - all I see is the Thundercats logo.
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    The Thundercats logo worked, think about it...shine an LED red light in the sky, the cats will come running
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