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Discussion in 'General' started by The Great One, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. TX Joose

    TX Joose Well-Known Member

    So who's your money on for the 2nd Honda seat?
  2. prospected

    prospected Well-Known Member

  3. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Read a story this morning inw hich Honder dropped one or both it's WEC teams. It was early, my Italian is no so good but someone got the axe.
  4. The Great One

    The Great One Well-Known Member

    Very intrigued to see how Redding goes in WSBK. Last year Haslam did a demolition job in BSB and hasn't been much of a threat in WSBK. I wonder how Redding will fare.
  5. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    We already knew what Haslam's level was in wsbk. It's beyond me how anyone thought that he was going to contend for a championship this year. A place on the final championship podium would have been a win for him, as far as I was concerned.
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  6. Robin172

    Robin172 Well-Known Member

    Redding is better than Haslam.
  7. KrooklynSV

    KrooklynSV Usual Suspect

  8. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    I think his job was to collect points for the manufacturer's championship and block up people from getting up to Rea.
  9. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    I don't have the slightest doubt. What I meant (by omission) was that his move is indeed intriguing. Haslam wasn't.
    And Bautista did Redding a big favor: expectations from media and bandwagon jumpers should be much more tempered. It should be less pressure.
  10. The Great One

    The Great One Well-Known Member

    I absolutely agree with you. I'm just highlighting that success in BSB isn't necessarily an indicator of success in WSBK, even if you're moving over on the "same" bike/a bike that's proven capable in the right hands.
  11. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

  12. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Yeah man, that story was full up with information. New Honder, Moriwaki and Althea shit canned, salaries. Almost over load of nuggets of information. :)
  13. 2blueYam

    2blueYam Track Day Addict

    I will believe the "new Honda" hype when it actually takes the grid and doesn't get it's ass handed to it on the straights.
  14. jonathanp

    jonathanp Tech drop out

    So JD Beach or Gerloff to the KTM team is my opinion.
  15. Shocker

    Shocker Well-Known Member

    So where does that leave Camier? I've always enjoyed watching him ride that ancient MV to it's limits and beyond trying to stay with the well funded factories. Would be a shame to see him leave the series.

    I assume if Moriwaki stays on, they will stick with Honder, but what about Althea? Seems to me that maybe they should pick up a better proven bike (like Ten Kate did) and try to get some success with it.

    Also, if the HRC WSBK team is in the same HQ as the GP team, does that mean Honda is pulling pulling resources from the GP effort to boost the WSBK effort?
  16. The Great One

    The Great One Well-Known Member

    Again, good for Alvaro!

    With the rumors of his Ducati race bonuses being in the realm of $25k each, having to win 16 races just to match HRC's base salary is ludicrous.

    What's even more ludicrous is that Ducati thought it was acceptable to offer him a salary lower than Davies' given their respective results.

    Fuck that. He made the right choice.
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  17. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

  18. badmoon692008

    badmoon692008 Well-Known Member

    Didn't I just see an interview yesterday where Bautista basically outright said he hadn't signed with honda but had definitely signed something? I'll believe it when I see it with an actual source and not just speculation based on speculation of a new bike.
  19. Bruce

    Bruce Tuck & Roll

    Has there been any talk about who's taking Reiterberger's seat?
  20. YoshiHNS

    YoshiHNS Mr. Slowly

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