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Discussion in 'General' started by LegitxORxQuit, May 17, 2010.

  1. LegitxORxQuit

    LegitxORxQuit Well-Known Member

    Was wondering what helmets now are snell 2010. My club I race with will require it next year. I currently have an arai corsair v and I love it but its only snell 2005. Do the newer arai corsair v have a snell 2010 rating
  2. drew231506

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  3. weiljh

    weiljh Well-Known Member

    Yes the newer Corsair-V's Graphics are a all M2010, along with the entire Arai line up. Just make sure when you purchase your new helmet, you ask your dealer to request a M2010 from their distributor. Snell 2010 helmets are easily identified, because the Snell serial number will start with a "MR".
  4. RCM78

    RCM78 Well-Known Member

    I thought most clubs went by manufacturer date and not Snell series... The arai rep told me there were no differences between the M2005 and M2010 Corsair V's...
  5. Cremean

    Cremean backmarker

    The Bell Star helmets are also Snell 2010.
  6. LegitxORxQuit

    LegitxORxQuit Well-Known Member

    Yeah but I am wondering the chances that a dealer would have a new arai snell 2010 corsair v because they are probably trying to get rid of their older corsair v
  7. inpayne

    inpayne Well-Known Member

    If that is true, that could possibly prove that the higher end helmets MAY be in fact safer.
  8. drew231506

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    So are you saying the Bell M2005 Snell models will be the same, and pass the M2010 standards? As Ralph said above for the Arais?

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