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Discussion in 'General' started by Matthewmoab, Jun 21, 2021.

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    Or post
    Or post a picture
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    1995+ is the NX4, the OP's bike was the previous gen NF4 (like mine). And yes, the newer ones are easier to find parts for.
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    Probably. I just want a carbureted model. I believe in 95 they started going to injection which I'm not particularly a big fan of.
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    No Honda's race 2-strokes had fuel or oil injection. At least ones for sale to the general public, that I know of. The only electric injection that you may be remembering, is the power-jet that was electrically operated, on the carb. For mid range I believe. And I don't know when the 95 or newer bikes got that.
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    Oh wow that takes me back. I think you may be correct. I last raced that bike at Daytona and 99. Good times
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    Are we talking Honda RS125 NF4 GP bike ? All bikes built to 2009 (last year sold , 2004 I believe was last year manufactured ) were carbureted . They were never injected , goes for Honda RS125 and Honda RS250 models . They started with power jet carbs in 97-98 because they couldn't keep em running with unleaded fuels. Which helped to keep them from detonating like mad in the mid-range.
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    Yea IMO, get an 04+ if you go can. From 96 on they are pretty similar, but in 04 they went to radial brakes, 95 had unique forks as I recall.

    I’ve seen a few front lower fork legs have the brake mount snap off/crack from crashes on the older style front end pre 04.

    The last one we owned was a 98, but the previous owner had swapped on the new front end. At one time I believe it was getting hard to find that front lower leg on the old style?
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    Hey, good to know. Thanks
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    Can someone fix the image for those of us at work and cant see the image?
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    That's my bad. I'm on the road trying to do all this from my phone. Let me see if I can find some 6-year-old kid that can do it for me.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Id appreciate it if someone would let me know if this works.
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    I'm not seeing pictures.
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    When you are making a post on the bottom there is a button saying upload a file. Select that and then choose your picture. Your picture Hass to be smaller than 1 MB,

    So if it’s taken with anything modern it’ll be bigger than that. You can either download an app that will resize pictures or I found if I just email it to myself my email program automatically wants to shrink them and ask me what size to shrink them to
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    93/94 IIRC had carts in the forks and worked great. The ones prior had damping rods. Didn't the 95 change the motor as well? I seem to remember that before that it was just a dirt bike motor, maybe that was the 80's, hell I've lost those brain cells :)
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    Hopefully this works.

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