Scorpion helmets?

Discussion in 'General' started by Scotty87, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Scotty87

    Scotty87 Lacks accountability

    Anyone race in one? (other than Mladin, and other factory guys. I'm talking about off the shelf, regular stuff for club guys.)

    I have always worn an Arai, and I need a new lid for this season, but it's penny pinchin time. Both the EXO-400 and 700 got good reviews on STG's site and at Helmet Harbor, but I still want the opinions of people who have raced in them.

    I took a 90mph head/shoulder first impact in an Arai last season and ended up in the hopital for 2 days with a severe consussion, some temporary memory loss and a seperated shoulder. No permanent effects, 'cept for the shoulder of course. I wonder if it would have been worse in more of a 'bargain' helmet or not.
  2. I heard Mladin isn't Scorpion this year. Joe Rocket, I think.... I know it doesn't answer your question. I just found it interesting... Oh well. Arai for me.
  3. 2Fer

    2Fer Is good

    PM Whitey, he is using a Scorpion, and I think DDT is also
  4. Pittenger5

    Pittenger5 Well-Known Member

    My friend bonked a couple scorpions last year and was as normal as he started. I was so impressed I switched over. Only ridden one on the street so far, but I was impressed with that.
  5. phillip doyle

    phillip doyle Well-Known Member

    I use a 700 for racing and am very pleased with the fit and finish. No problem at all.
  6. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK ├╝ber alles!

    At a little over $200 they look to be a deal.

    but then again, Van is selling that Miguel Shark for only $99 more. If they're in date, that looks to be the real steal. Nevermind on the My-gal, looks like he's sold through on the Miguel but has a few Corsers at the same price.
  7. slaw0002

    slaw0002 Not as fat !!!!!!!

    I race and street ride in the 700 ! It's a nice helmet at a great price. ( Stg )
  8. MotorSWATCop

    MotorSWATCop Former Trackday Turd

    Most comfortable helmet I've worn. The "No Fog" is no shit. I crashed one w/ a good head impact and tumble w/ great results. mine was a EXO 700 Fury from STG.
  9. gripfreak89

    gripfreak89 Well-Known Member

    I bought an exo-700 at STG about a week ago for $109 shipped. It's nice but it was manufactured in 11/05, meaning I can only race with it until the end of 2010. I didn't really like that... I might call them. But that's probably what I get for buying something that's on clearance/closeout.
  10. SmokeSignalRT

    SmokeSignalRT Fat Member

    I crashed a exo-700 hard front back and both sides. Rear is ground down to the almost the foam and never even had a headache. The helmets are the real deal.
  11. Brian Van

    Brian Van Track Gear Retailer

    Highly recommended here as well. I have 4 myself and I think each of our STG staffers are riding in Scorpion as well.

    The 700 Fury helmets will have date codes late 05 or 06 (we are nearly sold out of these now). We have EXO-400 Octanes and Dogfights for $119.95 delivered which will have much more current dates, I have looked at a few Octanes and they were 2008 date codes.

    In my opinion there is no better value than a close out Scorpion helmet. If you are racing very likely you will go through helmets much quicker than a street rider. At $119.95 each anyone can afford to have a spare in the trailer in case.

    Out of all the stuff we sell there are three things I have seen a ton of positive feedback on: Celtic suit, HELD Phantom Gloves and Scorpion Helmets. Moreso for the Scorpion Helmets as they are affordable and street riders use them as well.

    Sorry for the rant, I am a real fan of Scorpion Helmets.

  12. Noodlerizer

    Noodlerizer Well-Known Member

    I used one for awhile because I crashed my arai. The wind buffering when tucked is horrible, it seems the aerodynamics over the top do not move wind good and there was no lock device on the visor, it flew up on me a couple times I turned my head. Other than that it seemed comfortable.
  13. gixxernaut

    gixxernaut Hold my beer & watch this

    I've been a Scorpion fan for over 2 years. Great no-compromise helmet at a great price.
  14. dg78o6

    dg78o6 Member

    i have the exo 700 rivet and i absolutely love it. i have had it about a year and it has never fogged up and is extra comfortable. and as tight as the visor closes i dont know how one could just fly open. never had a problem with mine. its also well ventilated.:up:
  15. OZZY

    OZZY I DO WORK.....

    no complaints about my exo700... the fit and finish is excellent.. not to mention you can get some cool custom liners for them
  16. whitey21

    whitey21 umm...yeah.

    i love mine. i just run my new one this weekend. it fits snuggly and seems well constructed. i have a 400 and 700. i dont see much difference between the two. i believe its all in the shell not so much in the apperances.
  17. howlieboy1

    howlieboy1 Well-Known Member

    I loved the price, fit finish, but I had two 700's and they don't crash well. I was knocked unconscious from a simple lowside a slight concusion from another low side and a buddy of mine had the same issue. I've tested Shoei, Arai's and hit my head equally as hard, but it didn't hurt as bad. I can't explain it other than it just hurts more, like there isn't enough cushion. I've been wearing Suomy's and really like them. I've crash tested them twice, one a pretty violent highside and was pretty happy (with the helmet's performance). I do miss the Scorpion's anti-fog shield though. I wear glasses and the Scorpion is the only helmet that doesn't drive me insane in rain riding.

    Of course you may not want to take advice from someone who has hit their head so much!!
  18. dom

    dom Dom-N-Ator Racing

    i race with my 400 and couldnt be happier. I've had an arai and KBC but the scorpion is my favorite!!!
  19. luckyhat12

    luckyhat12 Silly Blue Rider

    I took a few knocks on my 700 and the last one was pretty hard hitting head first and never felt it in my head... the ankle was a different story.

    The only bad thing I have to say about them is strictly for my head shape. I have a long oval Arai head shape and the scorpion rubbed the hair off the front of my head causing it to start falling out in one little spot. It is pretty funny really but that is my experience. The shape is more rounded so I had to go back to Arai for my street and everyday helmet but I have been wearing the scorpions since early 2006 or so on the track.

    Edit: they aren't kidding on the no fog bit. I had mine and we raced a mini endurance race in the rain for 3 hours and all of my teamates wore my helmet. We switched helmets in the pits while the 3rd was gassing up because it was the only helmet that any of us could see through. That was significant in my book
  20. whitey21

    whitey21 umm...yeah.

    i am going to blame my balding on this as well.

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