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Discussion in 'Tech' started by Gravisman, Feb 24, 2021.

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    I just started using an AIM Solo 2 and Race Studio to dip my toes into data-based analysis of my riding. I’m wondering if there are resources available somewhere to get GPS traces from faster riders so that I could compare myself to them. Specifically I’m looking for traces from Northern California tracks on a Twins Cup class bike. If anyone knows of anything (or just wants to share what they have), let me know.
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    Ive never seen such a database.

    Anyone that depends on data for competition probably guards it. Their competitors would definitely gain an advantage if they got a look. Club racers and trackday guys probably don't care that much. But those people also aren't studying their data as much and probably wouldn't take the time to post it.

    Ive posted my data for some tracks in videos. Ive got some laps on 600s for Laguna, Buttonwillow, or Sonoma. I have some Twins laps at Laguna too. DM me if you want to see them.

    Your best bet is to make friends at a trackday or AFM race. Whip out your laptop and ask them if you can check their data :crackup:

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