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Discussion in 'General' started by GixxerBlade, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. shakenbake

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    How about the P3 sense line? Or what ever GE is tapping for a ref on this eng? How about the flow divider? And you are For sure the FCU is good? Sounds like a fuel scheduling issue to me.(sounds like you might have a leak in a control bellows, and not allowing the eng to accelerate as needed) Cleaning and flowing the nozzles might be a good idea, if you have the equipment available.

    Oh yeah, for the record, most tech reps are useless. And if someone tells you otherwise, they are probally so dumb that they are going to be a tech rep soon anyway.:rolleyes:
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    "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I'm your pilot Captain Bob and on behalf of * Air I want to thank you for choosing * Air. As you know * Air has the highest standard for A&P maintenance and take safety seriously. At no time was the WERA BBS utilized in servicing this aircraft or any part on it. We did get serviced by a BBS cornerworker but that is a different story..."
  3. GixxerBlade

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    CDP (compressor discharge pressure) is good (P3). I was struggling with that but tightening up the shrouds have helped tremendously. I will try and re-schedule the VGA's (Variable Geometry Actuators). The bellows are brand new, just took them out of the bag before last run. That would cause low power believe it or not. Flowing the nozzles is for NADEPCP (Naval Aviation Depot Cherry Point) but I do have the manual to do it. Its just a matter of having a known quantity (the nozzle area) and adding or subtracting nozzle segments to get your area. Don't quite have the "right" tools to take it apart and put it back together but a hammer and screwdriver always work with things like that. :D

    I hope to be a tech rep when I retire (10 more years :up: ) I barely see them and it seems like they are always on vacation or at a conference in some foreign place that sounds cool (Hawaii :D) BTW we call them Khakis here, thats all they ever wear. :p

    You think we are confusing the common folk on here with all our jet engine jargon? :D
  4. V5 Racer

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    I see it as payback for Nick and I discussing propellent formulations.
  5. gixxersmitty

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    He'd be pissed if he knew this conversation was going down without him.:D
  6. RoadRacerX

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    I ain't confused. About this thread anyway. :D
  7. Mongo

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    I'm good, always fun to learn about WHY the plane will take off on a conveyor belt :D
  8. V5 Racer

    V5 Racer Yo!

  9. muguvian

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    CO says we are now Fleet Readiness Center- East, NADEP is dead.
  10. Resident Plarp

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    Damned flux capicitor. :Poke:
  11. GixxerBlade

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    Thats right.
  12. EXPERT35

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    Yeah, our tec. rep for Rolls blows. He went to school for 2 months on this engine and he knows all the specs. but cant diagnose s@@@
  13. Marcmcm

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    I never got that, how can you know all the specs and all the parts but not know how they work together? If you know how things work together and what each part does, you know how the system works or doesn't work.

    You're right though, some reps know what they're doing and others are total iditos that have no business being around something that flies.
  14. oldguy

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    Well, have you fixed that bitch yet? Our tech reps, back in the day, knew their shit.
  15. GixxerBlade

    GixxerBlade Oh geez

    Its going on test cell first thing tomorrow morning. I didn't find any Gremlins but that motor will probably fail. I'm not being pessimistic, really! :D
  16. skeesm

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    And maybe the HH-53???
  17. skeesm

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    What I want to know is...Mongo, what class can I run my fresh-from-the-engine-test-cell T64-GE-416 powered superbike?
  18. skeesm

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    Just so long as they miss the still!
  19. gixxersmitty

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    "Hey hey hey, point that sumb!tch over that way. The 'shine aint gonna make itself.":D
  20. skeesm

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    Suck, squeeze, bang blow it has been said in this very thread...what's left to learn? :D

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