Nomar classic for sale

Discussion in 'Other' started by ChemGuy, Dec 18, 2018.

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    I bought this from a trackday guy this spring. I just got a tire machine so I don't need this. I used it to do a couple changes. In really good shape. The floor mount is NIB.
    Asking $450 obo. Located in SW MI, 49120
    PM for info

    Used but in good condition.
    1. Hitch mount system
      NIB floor mount system
      Bead breaker
      Cam and dog blocks
      Mount/demount bar
      Optional posi-clamp system for dirtbike/ATV tires
      Optional tool collar
      Optional 16” Spoonbar tire spoons (2)
      Optional spoonbar collar
      Yellow Thing bead keeper tool
      Spare spools for posiclamps
      Spare tips for mount/demount bar
      Tire lube paste (1/2 jar)
      Spray bottle for tire lube

      With options and spares retails about $950.
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    pm sent
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