New to track. LOTS of street exp. Which bike?

Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by Jordano, Oct 2, 2020.

  1. Lawdog78

    Lawdog78 Well-Known Member

    No they went fuel injected in 2001
  2. Fencer

    Fencer Well-Known Member

    Wait till you get on a track with your 600/750, giving it your all, and you get your helmet handed to you by a 12 year old on a 250 or 125 as they disapear in short order over the horizon.

    I had an 03 750 ( see my profile picture) great bike newer 600s have more/same HP I am a larger person which is why I went 750 (fat ass to Hp ratio) if you fall on the normal side of the size curve. a 600 would open more classes up to you than a 750 for racing if that is an end goal at some point ( which you said was unlikely)

    The 08 600 above sounds like a good posibility
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  3. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking Tire collector

    A lot depends on the size of the kart track. When they're broken into two, NJMP's tracks are probably too small for a 300 (but I'm planning on taking mine there in the next week or two for its maiden voyage) but the full size track (both of them combined) would be plenty big enough for a 300.
  4. PistolPete

    PistolPete Gone sailing...

    For track days, a 600 is a good choice for all the reasons already given. If you’re going to be thinking about racing, I would not recommend the 600. They call 600 Novice the “meat grinder” class for a reason...
  5. Jordano

    Jordano Member

    I was thinking about it for Adams in Riverside, or for Apex, which I know nothing about other than that it's close.
  6. Jordano

    Jordano Member

    Why? Lots of accidents? Racing actually may be a possibility.
  7. DmanSlam

    DmanSlam Well-Known Member

    I guess so. This past weekend (on Liberator) was my first time ever at the NJMP kart track. Some turns (like "Boston Massacre" and the chicane before the start/finish line) would seem pretty tight. Still, having a 300/400 to run on kart and big tracks seems like a very cost-effective solution.
  8. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking Tire collector

    I perhaps should've clarified that my 300 is in a Grom chassis :p
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  9. mpusch

    mpusch Well-Known Member

    I really doubt it's that much different than any other class. 600 provides plenty of classes for racing.
  10. Suzuka_joe

    Suzuka_joe Well-Known Member

    This 750 isn't a 2004, wrong forks.. or they were swapped but 2004+should have inverted forks not conventional

    My suggestion on a bike would be to find a 06+ 600cc bike, they all have a slipper clutch (except honda..) and that will help alot on corner entry to keep the bike feeling planted.
  11. Chango

    Chango Something clever!

    :stupid: He's right. Everything else looks right, but because the forks are wrong, the brakes are wrong (should be radial-mount calipers), the triples are wrong to mount the wrong forks, and the front wheel may be wrong, though it may still be compatible (I can't remember for sure off the room of my head).

    That front end may perform perfectly fine, but I am generally suspicious of a change that big.

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