New Held Phantom II, lightly used EVO-Thrux Gloves

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  1. AMac

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    I have two pairs of Held Gloves for sale. As much as I want them to fit me, they are just not quite the right fit for me.

    Held Phantom II, Size 8.5
    These are brand new. I've worn them for maybe 10 minutes total while sitting on the bike to see if they work. My fingers are just a little too short for these. I ordered them from Europe so return costs are prohibitive. $225 Shipped.

    Held Evo-Thrux, Size 9L. I picked these up slightly used. They are in very good shape, no stains or smells. Guy I bought them from said they were lightly used for less than 1 season. Great street or track day gloves.
    $115 Shipped.

    Hi resolution pics available.

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    Best glove company on the planet, period. GLWS
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  3. Seppi Hutter

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    Yeah I love my Held's
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    Just got the phantom IIs. Maybe they were worn for 11 minutes.

    Great seller, thanks again.

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