*NEW* AIM MXS Strada Dash, AIM GPS08, RZ350 Race Gearbox, RZ350 Stroker Crank

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    Have a few parts I'm trying to get rid of. All are new and never been used. Have most of it on Ebay, but their fees along with paypal fees are going to rob me dry so I'd like to sell them outside of that devil of a place. All prices have shipping included. Paypal only, unless you want to come grab them local.

    RZ350 Nova Racing Close Ratio Gearbox- $2,000
    If you race an RZ, or an RZ powered hybrid, this gearbox is the holy grail. Check the website for ratios, it's the type A box. Ready to drop in, still in the original sealed bags. Cost me over $2300 to have shipped here from the UK. Save a few hundred and grab this one.

    RZ350 Vito's +4mm Stroker Crank, 115mm Long Rod- $390
    New in box. Have 2 of these but only building 1 motor, so I need to get rid of one. Check Vito's site for details. They sell for $419.

    AIM MXS Strada Dash- $925
    Also brand new. I opened it and put bench power to it to test it out and update it (it works great), but never installed or used it. I'm in need of a logger, so this one is useless to me (I'm upgrading to the logging MXS after this one sells). This is the 'race' version, so no 'street' icons on the face. This comes with the CAN/RPM harness. Also has loose accessory harness connector. Paid $1125 for it a few months back. Get the open box special.

    AIM GPS08 Receiver- $185
    GPS unit for the AIM dashes and loggers. New in box. hook it to the Strada and get lap functions via GPS for pretty much all tracks in the US you can think of. Also will get other functions into it such as speed, ETC. Paid $200 for it.

    Trying to minimize my losses here on all these brand new items, so won't budge on the prices. They are already discounted enough, and I'm going to eat paypal fees and shipping, so please don't make any offers. If they don't sell, I'll eventually find a use for them.

    Feel free to text me or call if you have any questions. (four four zero) 666-5733
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    Can't edit posts, eh?
    Price on the dash- $900
    Price on the GPS- $180
    Package deal for both to the same buyer- $1000
  3. wolfeman28

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    Crank Sold.

    New price for Gearbox- $1800
  4. wolfeman28

    wolfeman28 2 Stroke Fever

    Dash and GPS sold.

    Gearbox is all that's left.

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