MotoAmerica I Superbikes at Minnesota I Brainerd International Raceway - July/29-31

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    What does that have to do with what I said? Mid Ohio is very slippery when wet. We don't race it in the wet. It is still sandpaper compared to a VHT covered rag strip. Been on both, there really isn't a comparison.
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    I wouldn’t pedal a bike on wet VHT. It is literally like ice. I was racing in a downpour where I couldn’t really see where I was hitting the front strip. Ended up on the VHT, I thought my bike was in neutral… on an R3 with no power to spin a wheel.
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    Oh yeah, wasnt there something with Tony Elias not liking a change on the tires?
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    Not 100% the case that rear was built for Yamaha. Was told by several sources it just so happened a tuning fork team was "chosen" for all the pre-release testing for that tire.
    Obviously said team and rider(s) had miles and miles of advantages once it was made for "public consumption". If you remember, even the satellite R1 teams struggled once the new rear was imposed.
    Not as badly as the other brands, but still....
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    You are right not to believe it.
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    Wait for it. :D
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    Think about it this way. Your mom cooks the perfect something in her 30th year old well-seasoned cast iron skillet. But you and the wife try to cook the same thing in your 5 year old cast iron skillet and it tastes different, ok?
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    In the evening, the Wheelie Bar's patio is great for watching the drag cars/bikes stage while drinking reasonably-priced Russian Marching Water concoctions.
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    Uh no, give me a sometime and I'll explain, but as the neighbors are moving Aug 1 and we need to hang with them tonight.

    And remember this, F&Gs to all. Or make sure you are on fairways and greens, and you will do well. See ya'll tomorrow
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    Reminds me of a few years ago when Dunlop changed the rear, I believe, and Elias seemed to start having issues while Beaubier seemed to light it up.
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    As far as the ability of Europe to get rubber materials that we can't get here, its true. I was in commercial printing for 30 years. Most of our presses came from Germany, and came with Bottcher brand rollers, from the factory. You could get American made Bottcher replacement rollers, but they were nowhere near as good as the German rollers. The materials they used were not allowed in the US.
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    Shit! I didnt read far enough back… Oh well, y’all will live.
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    I think you are referring to when Dunlop introduced the 200 tire for Superbike and certain Yosh Suzuki rider lost his "feeling" to the bike and suddenly struggled to battle for wins.
  16. Pneumatico Delle Vittorie

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    It's not fishy and some other so-called tire experts will try to put out some BS to say I'm wrong but..

    I'm not going to go in deep in depth here and I'll try to keep it simple. The UK factory that specialized in MotoGP, Moto2 & 3 race tires closed down and the decision was made to produce slicks here for the NA and the Australian racing series. So, you are comparing a long running well developed UK product(s) late in their product cycle to a new US factory trying to start fresh. The answer is that it's more related to tire industry engineering process/procedures with the factory making the steps to get the tires to similar performance.
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    Alright you guys are driving me crazy with your guesses about which team defines what tires are available for the MA SBK race teams. In a spec series a tire company tries to make products that are accepted by all of the teams. But of course, you can't make everyone happy 100% of the time. In the past maybe one OEM didn't like a rear or a front but as the series goes on each year tire development must continue to make sure there's a level field. It is NOT easy, but it's has to be done and MA and their tire supplier need to do this. And it's nice for these guys to get a different front to try this weekend, right?

    Here's one for you. Many years ago, Pirelli made a WSBK front tire that Haga on the Duc loved and was super-fast on, the other teams didn't like it. So, Pirelli had to pull it from race to even the playing field.

    And this weekend at the Most WSBK race Bautista said this: “I think it can be a track that suits our bike because basically, it’s fast corners and I like it a lot, so I am looking forward to starting on Friday and working with my Ducati. About tyres, at the end it will be the same for everyone, so you have to work to make the tyres work. For sure, I feel better with the SCX tyre, but we can only use it in the Superpole and Superpole Race, so we have to use the SC0 and new SC0 from Pirelli. Let’s see what happens with the new tyre. At Donington Park, we were close to the 1000th podium for Ducati but I crashed in Race 1. It’s not in my mind but if we can do it, then perfect.”
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    Probably not much, but keep in mind what happened to Dovi when the new rear was introduced by Michelin, he never got comfortable with that tire.
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    My thoughts on the new front tire is that the Duc having no real frame may be a bit rigid for the bumpy US tracks. Combined that with the stiff carcass Dunlops, the Duc may be more prone to getting upset over the bumps and chatter. So if this Japanese tire feels and acts more like a Pirelli, then maybe it could help that bike. I know Petrucci has been using the harder front tire options most of this year. Seems like a good question for Stanboli on the Ask a sbk Genius Youtube show..
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