Modern day bmx racing

Discussion in 'General' started by r6fast, Jun 26, 2019.

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    A6D42BA3-B2C6-49C8-B988-E23A071F65CD.jpeg 483A8D82-5960-46E8-B192-8DF8C4731F02.jpeg 8E5DC4E2-0EDA-44A6-8628-CCCEBD77652E.jpeg

    Jox and Jag World Finals at Indy 1981 (I think)... Look at all these Free Wheels..Lol. I am in there with the red Bell Moto3..

    Starting gate with red tires....

    This is earlier at Tom Sawyer Park in Louisville.. in second place there..ended up making a pass FTW!

    Ok I feel old as shit now...
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    I built this Robinson around that same time frame. Sold it to my littler brother and then took it back after it sat for years at my parents house. This was my pit bike back in 96 when I started road racing.

    Tang TRX forks, Uni seat and Z-Wheels (the original Z-Wheels I built the bike with were red) FTW!

    It's now hanging in the garage.

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    And the Infamous UNI Seat!
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    There are over 300 Bmx tracks being used in North America currently. Go check out
  5. John Branch

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  6. John Branch

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    FYI Houston Tx is building a track as we speak, and will be hosting 2020 UCI WORLDS THERE NEXT YEAR! :beer: And we are hopefully racing 1st national there in October this year :blart:
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    This is all I could think of when I clicked on this thread

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    Setting up in the gate and getting your pedal position and stance just right would be a pain in the arse with a coaster brake. BMX was always about freewheel in the early 80s. I even remember the "flip/flop hubs" where you could mount a 16T freewheel on one side and a 15T or 17T on the other and then just turn the wheel around for a quick gearing change without swapping chainrings.
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    Just found a track near my house that's run by volunteers. I'm on a MTB these days but modern BMX race bikes have come a long way!! Carbon errthang and all dat.
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    I think my bars are by Robinson. They’re the ones that were bent slightly forward at the ends.
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    Yeah, probably. If I had to guess it’s worth about $1500.
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    you're not a baller until you take a huffy down a bad ass mountain bike trail. skip to about 3 min

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    No. Those were Powerlite bars.
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    Ah, thanks. Been a while since I thought about it.
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    image000000_33.jpg Staff photo at Woodward BMX in 1985. I'm in the upper left of the pic. I was into it bigtime back in the mid 80s, which a lot of people consider the golden era of BMX. Rode for Rockville BMX national team in 1984 and part of '85 and then Schwinn. Still have my original Schwinn Sting with the flared and brazed tubes. Cool bike.
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