Mladin Charged with sex abuse

Discussion in 'General' started by GixxerBlade, Mar 25, 2020.

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    If this is true and I will wait until the final verdict comes out. Who would have thought that the ERA of Mat and the Go Show, Mat would end up at the bottom of the barrel as it relates to fucking up your life..
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    Just read this link:

    As I said above, I'm generally against an eye for an eye retribution. That being said, since this man tried to alert authorities and was ignored, I must admit I like the cut of his jib.
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    Wow, stay off the beeb for a bit and it is amazing what happens. If true, hope he gets it in prison along with Ken Bigler!!!
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    If true im surprised theres never been a breath of this before. Rumors or whatever. Weird to start the behavior so late in life.

    Any name ending stein seems to have a trail well before they got caught.
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    That sucks, him, nicky, duhamuel, yates, all the late 90 guys were my hero's watching at daytona. If he did it, hope some big black aborigine fucks him in the ass till he bleeds and he crys him self to sleep every night. No sympathy for anyone who commits those crimes
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    Really he has been gone so long, so what regarding Yosh.

    Suzuki just wanted a lower priced deal that Yosh couldn't provide and JU could.
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    Many times the victims are too scared to come forward due to various reasons until they are much older. Young children, unfortunately, are very susceptible to becoming victims to these despicable crimes because they are easy to manipulate psychologically that it is their fault.
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    Sounds like he still has an illegal crank.
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    understood. what we dont know is if this happened yesterday or 10-20 years ago. pretty sure article didn't specify dates.
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    I believe so, he was the second highest paid motorcycle racer in the world behind Valentino Rossi from what I understand he earned more than Casey Stoner. That's why he had no interest whatsoever of going back to GP racing.....
  12. This old Rz

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    Oh Dear Lord.. Do you guys think it's possible that he buggered Ben Spies ! Could that be why Spies hated him so much... true hatred too! and now nobody... has heard from Spies in over a decade... is he in therapy OMG, say it ain't true... lol.
    A bad joking aside, Mladin was the consummate racer he was just a badass I find it funny when racers call each other dicks as there's a whole lot of dicks in the racing world LOL.
    Let's just say he may have been a lil brash in the pits and on the track , but I'll tell you what, he always gave everybody credit for their victories and their deserved talent. And he always gave people credit if he was defeated no excuses straight up racing.

    The dude was a fucking gladiator on two wheels ain't no doubt about it.. I've never watched anybody better in AMA. And I've watched them all from Baldwin ,Merkel, Rainy Schwantz up until the Josh Hayes era after Mladin.

    Like others above I have a signed pit pass from Laguna from him, his dedication and determination was certainly an inspiration.

    Well I won't be throwing out any of my roadracing world magazines with him on the cover nor my autographed pit pass just the same as I won't be throwing away my vintage Bill Cosby albums.
    That was then.. this
    Fuck it I live in the past anyways.

    I cannot understand nor comprehend the thought having sex with a young child, it is beyond my thought process.
    Violence, adultery, murder, theivery, revenge could all cross my mind, but raping and hurting a little child My God! especially under 10!
    Yikes... That's more than deviant it's a abhorrent disorder.
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  13. cha0s#242

    cha0s#242 Truth is after all so poorly lit. -N.P.

    Oh shit ! (too soon ?)
  14. Still hard to wrap my head around this. Even if most allegations are false he definitely did something inappropriate to be charged with all that. Like wtf. Feel bad for the kid either to be put in a false accusation situation or suffered abuse. Either way there is a victim here that we cannot lose sight of.
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    I hated him cause the dudes a POS. This is just the icing on the cake to what kind of person he his. Dude is a cheat all the way around and leave my damn name out talking like that. SMFH
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    Well, that's one way to turn this discussion up to 11.
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    / thread.
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    Matt, a shoulder shrug to the main text. But, with the conveyance of said info, a tinfoil hat is overkill. Tinfoil glasses would be the best option.;)
  20. Shocker

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    In keeping with Papa's statement that somethings may come out.

    In the CCS Facebook group, one of the CCS Official's daughter made a comment on the Mladin arrest that he had tried seducing her when she was a young teenager.

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