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Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by Ricky T, Sep 24, 2021.

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    Metrakit gp50. Has the derbi 50 motor. It’s rough. Wanted to do a long term project and bring to to life. Motor spins free but I would go through it 100% before putting gas in. Bolt heads are rusty and corroded. Bitubo shock and mrd forks. I just don’t have time or space for it. Charleston, SC. $1200 obo

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  2. Ricky T

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    The bike now starts, idles and shifts great. Fresh fluids. I went through the carb. I put in brand new EBC clutch pads because the bike was stored without fluid so the pads had fused to the plates and would not release. Could use some love/bleed for the front brakes. I have a set of kenda takeoffs that will go with it. Fairings solid and intact, could use a couple minor fiberglass repairs but not necessary and I have the fairings sanded for paint.

    $1750 obo

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