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    Yeah he's good but sometimes he comes off as thinking he's the second coming of your favorite deity.

    He does do good stuff in Akron for sure and the grandkid says he seems nice enough in person but I get why he's offputting to people.
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    Huh? He didn't call those kids all rotten and he's absolutely correct that there are a shitload of rotten kids in the world. What are you upset about?
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    Nope. I see a breakdown in parenting as an absolutely huge problem. But the family unit being whole doesn't fix a damn thing, nor does it being broken hurt anything.
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    There is nothing wrong with work being fun and/or entertaining.
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    The available statistics on this subject do not support your contention. Children from two parent families have overwhelmingly higher success rates, by any measurable metric. The only time that this does not hold true is at the very bottom and the very top of the socioeconomic scale. A silver spoon solves most problems, while abject poverty exacerbates them.
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    But kids aren`t being taught that that`s not always the case, nor does it have to be to be happy.

    You have to learn to be happy in the shit you`re in.

    They are being taught they should get exactly what they want....always.

    How close is that to real life?
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    The statistics are numbers. They don't show poverty level and where people live and the like that ALL factor into success of kids. There are plenty of single parent households with great successful kids and plenty of fucked up kids from supposedly stable households. There is no single reason for fucked up kids. A silver spoon solves nothing. Abject poverty forces nothing - but I find it interesting you bring that up as they are absolutely influences on a kids life as important if not more important than the number of parents in the home...
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    Oh I totally agree the real issue is a lot of fucking stupid parents.

    Although it is interesting to me that it really isn't all that new, we're just hearing more about it. I knew plenty of snowflakes growing up and there are obviously a ton of hard working millenials and gen xers or else nothing would be getting done in this country. They of course are busy working and not posting or protesting so they get no press.
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    Education funding in the US is largely from Property Taxes. Silver Spoon areas pay a lot more into education, and get a lot more out. Poverty areas pay less in (because they don't have it to spend) and get substantially less out.
    Part of it is the money, and part of it is that culturally we expect less from poor kids. Most kids rise to the expectations put on them by the adults in their lives - parents, teachers, other adults in the community. If we don't expect/demand performance, they won't provide it.
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    Throwing more money at schools seems to have been proven over and over and over to not do shit. So it comes back to the influences in their lives and that starts in one place only...
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    This. There’s a documentary I saw about rural kids in Bangladesh going to school on boats. I’d bet those kids would stack up well next to any random silver spoon school in the US.

    If there are books, pen and paper, good teachers and the students work hard to learn they don’t need fancy computers and buildings to become well educated.
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    In fact it may be having the opposite effect, as I'm sure alot of that money ends up being misappropriated. It's alluded to it in that vid I posted on the previous page but in alot of cases these principals and superintendents are monetarily incentivized to keep churning out graduating kids. So the schools turn into nothing but diploma factories at the expense of the children acting like uneducated and undisciplined savages. Like that teacher said, if the kids who are acting like shit are disciplined and/or expelled or are given failing grades, that looks unfavorable to the school district when they don't meet their numbers and the folks in charge are at risk of not getting their bonuses. the saying goes and just like anything and everything else, "follow the money"
  13. nigel smith

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    Numbers don't lie. Plenty of children from single parent households succeed. A much greater number of children from two parent households succeed. In actual fact, the presence of two parents in the home is one the largest single indicators of future success. This is not debatable. Do your own research. As I said, this breaks down somewhat at the extreme ends of the socioeconomic spectrum. Abundant resources can negate the disadvantages that otherwise plague single parent families, while scarce resources can cancel some of the benefits of the two parent family. I majored in this shit at a mediocre university. I'm not making it up just to be contrary.
  14. nigel smith

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    Silver spoon kids do not go to public schools. The private schools in my area have very high standards for academics and personal behavior. If your single mother can afford to get you all the way to graduation, you will get into the right college and make the right connections to ensure future success.
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    in Jax, FL we have the "silver spoon" school... its called Bolles. The main HS campus rivals a Division 1 college on premium water front real estate... not to mention the pre, elementary, and middle schools. Not only is there absurd annual tuition... but there are "donations" solicited on top of that. What is it essentially? Its a fraternity for CEOs and extremely wealthy folks to insulate their kids. You can literally distill the business deals and contracts based on whose kids are attending Bolles. I think a "single parent" family would be an anomoly there.
    Now the flip side of that is our public school system has Stanton Prepatory. Even though its located dead center of the "hood"... the work product/achievement from the students, as a whole is, far above Bolles. Ive met a few single parents there... either divorced or widowed because they arent selling an image, you get in based on merit/accomplishments. Attrition is pretty steep because these 14+ yr old kids are doing 4-7hrs of home work outside school
    Stanton has sports teams... but as you can imagine they arent as good as what Bolles or the local Catholic HS's have or throw absurd amounts of money at nor do they
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    I've done the research, hell I've been the research... The number of parents is a factor however it is not the only factor that makes those same households successful or not - you have to look at the entirety of the students situation and just counting parents doesn't do that. We're just going to have to disagree on the money fixing it thing no matter what your major was :D I do agree it can help, but I've also seen plenty of instances where it did/does nothing. So again, I think there is a lot more to it than just the money.
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    Bill and Melinda Gates threw a metric shit ton of money at this problem and it solved can help even the playing field but it is not a magic solution to this problem.
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    Just keep the money coming. We will fix all the problems

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    His argument was not against the fact that being from a single parent household can be overcome. Merely that statistically is lessons your odds of success. Certainly there are fantastic single parents that work far harder to ensure their kids success. Also there are separated parents that can be civil enough to come close to a dual parent household. But the fact remains that increasing the number of two parent households increases the quality of life for the spawn. Again no guarantees just a better chance.

    Oh and Obama came from a pretty @#$# up family and became president so there are obvious exceptions, this does not negate the effect being overall negative.
  20. sheepofblue

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    THAT IS BS (not blue sheep). You might check around at where CEOs and rich people went to school (and those that did not) You will find that Ivy League does not guarantee a higher level of success unless maybe you are middle management and I doubt then.

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