Kapernick and Nike Deal......

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    This. And I don`t understand the relavence of what they`re worth....

    They gave. No ones business what they are worth, nor does it matter.

    Right down to the small guy who helps an indivdual.
  2. cav115

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    Haven`t you heard?? kap sacrifced 'everything" :crackup:
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    Bullshit, you can not read minds and no accounting school teaches "needs" is the same as a gain in income. Funny how you are now ignoring all the times he has refuted with the reduction in tax burden claim.

    You will have to put the last paragraph in english if you want a response from me.
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  4. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    You don't need to go to "accounting school" to get what he was saying. Anyone who makes tax-deductible donations and does their own taxes has the rudimentary knowledge I was speaking of. And by the way, others saw how he was wrong too.

    Don't fool yourself thinking that I bought the pivot to the tax burden reduction. It was just different words to say the same thing. He was being nice and non-belligerent about the whole thing, so I saw no reason to keep pushing him on it.

    Now since you want to fight his fight for him, maybe you can explain why else someone might "need" a deduction. And while you're at it, what that lowered tax burden does to net income.

    I never needed a response from you on that last paragraph. The question was rhetorical. I was just pointing out that your claim that we are discussing it because I brought it up is bullshit. I said in the same post where I mentioned the deductions that it wasn't about you. We're discussing it because you're butt-hurt what about the response to your Peyton Manning comparison.
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    Others may have responded because of your gaslighting, I won't claim it as a truth as my magic eight ball is in the factory. I am not fighting his fight just pointing out your gaslighting.

    As far as the Manning discussion, if you say so. :crackup:
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    When you little to nothing to sacrifice.....................Sacrifice Everything. :crackup:
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