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Discussion in 'General' started by chadspaint, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    One of the best places I have ever eaten at. I have eaten at big time restaurants in NYC and this one pretty much beats them all out, and as an added benefit sometimes has nice eye candy.
  2. RubberChicken

    RubberChicken PimpMasterT

    If you like the Oar House, you'll love Winfield's Restaurant, about 890 feet down High street from the Oar House. Prepare to drop some coinage, but you will savor the flavor for sure.
  3. anupe

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    If you want some Down Home BBQ

    If you're @ NJMP and want to get some good ol BBQ, I recommend Fat Jacks BBQ.

    Fat Jacks is located in the Cumberland Shopping Mall (this is the mall with Best Buy, Home Depot, BED, Bath & Beyond, Marshalls...). Fat Jacks is right next to Starbucks or across from Red Lobster.

    Go and treat yourself to some Pulled pork, Wings, Ribs and plenty more good BBQ!

    Fat Jacks BBQ
    3849 S. Delsea Drive
    Vineland, NJ 08360

  4. antirich

    antirich Well-Known Member

    Winfield's is where I take the Mrs. when she comes along. She hates coming to the races, so the nice hotel and dinner are mandatory. Any other day, the Oar House is more than enough.

    Winfield's is really nice. Looks like something you'd see in the West Village or Soho, not Millville. Excellent food.

    A local glass blower also recommended a BYOB Italian place called Gina's, about two doors down from Winfields. We tried to get in, but the wait was huge. Apparently, it's very good and a bit more casual.


  5. rugbymook

    rugbymook Under Construction

    You guys must be blind or gay (nttawwt) suggesting Oar House for scenery. Great beers, but it's a swordfight here.
  6. RollieManollie

    RollieManollie I Need to Get My Beak Wet

    This place sucks!
  7. Suburbanrancher

    Suburbanrancher Chillzilla

    There's a bar down that one alley, Oyster something......Blue Oyster? Someone recommended that, too. Could be good :confused:
  8. metricdevilmoto

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    Quit chasing tail, Rosey. You guys have a championship to lock up.

    Good seeing you today, buddy.
  9. chadspaint

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    LMFAO ! :crackup:
  10. TakeItApart

    TakeItApart Oops!

    Hey guys, quick question.

    Are bicycles allowed in the track for spectators?
  11. Sacko DougK

    Sacko DougK Well-Known Member

    They allowed rental golf carts everywhere so I don't see why a bicycle would be off limits. I took my cart completely around the track last year. Some good viewing on the back side of the course. If you do take your bike, I would make sure it's a mountain bike as most of the back side last year was gravel roads.
  12. XFBO

    XFBO Well-Known Member

    I know I used one 2 yrs ago.
  13. rugbymook

    rugbymook Under Construction

    Job finished! :clap::D
    Rispoli did amazing. Ran a fast/calm race finishing 2nd to secure the East and Overall championship! Tomorrow's race with Gerloff is going to be great!!

    Yep. Pedal away.


    Will be one helluva race! Good job Rosey!
  15. ckruzel

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    went to bennigans, food was good, sometimes its not the place but the friends your with

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