ISO: My old RS125 1991

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by Matthewmoab, Jun 24, 2021.

  1. Matthewmoab

    Matthewmoab Member


    Sold to a young fella that lived in Jacksonville in the early 2000s. I was living in Tallahassee florida. Took a 20-year break and looking to get back in. $300 finders fee. Thanks!
  2. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg Well-Known Member

    Good luck
  3. Matthewmoab

    Matthewmoab Member

    Thanks. The only really discerning item on the bike is that it had a massive ramair intake down the inside of the left fairing.
    I like your profile pic. That looks fun!
  4. craig641

    craig641 Well-Known Member

    A serial number might be a help. A picture and the knowledge that there's a ram air system doesn't really help the search. Bikes change paint regularly and ram air is pretty common. Help us help you.
  5. Matthewmoab

    Matthewmoab Member

    I don't have a serial number. I'll try to get a picture up next week. I'm on the road right now. Thanks
  6. xTomKx

    xTomKx Well-Known Member

    Can't help you find your bike but I can tell you I am selling my RS. Check out the bike for sale section.
  7. Matthewmoab

    Matthewmoab Member

    Will do thanks

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