Huntley Nash lifetime athletic ban

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  1. Jedb

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    For me, Strickland has a moral culpability in contributing to Mo's death. You may be of a different opinion.
    His lack of ability to break clean with Wilson.
    His not communicating that he was back with Kaitlin Armstrong was cowardly.
    His interactions with Wilson, while with Armstrong were less than stand-up.
    It also had the actual effect of putting Mo in the line of fire (literally) for Kaitlin Armstrong.
    Strickland bought Armstrong the pistol.
    While he didn't pull the trigger, he definitely (IMO) contributed to the circumstances that cause Mo's death through his cowardice and Armstrong's crazy.

    I agree with you. Based on what was presented in the court documents during the domestic violence case, you have a regional upper eschelon cyclist doing PEDs. For me, there's a similar set of (lack of) morals there, so I figure Strickland and Nash would be in good company together.

    Having raced as a Cat-II roadie for about 5 years in the late 90s, early 00's, if you are on the US National scene and doing PEDs, you're doing it wrong.
    At 6' and 175# at the time, I was WAY too big for real road racing as a pro, and genetically I didn't have the VO2-Max levels needed to get there.
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    Whose morality? So Strickland shagging two different woman (who were both willing) makes him responsible for murder, but only morally. :confused: One could easily place blame on Mo for getting involved with a guy she knew was already living with someone else.
    He’s no more responsible than anyone else is in society. Where do peoples morality end and begin in this entire sorted story? He may have been a shit head but assigning him any level of responsibility towards murder is silly.
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    He's a little dude from Mexico. Oh, wait, that's Morales. Never mind. :D
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    Thanks for the copy edit. Yourer no dsapis. LOL
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    Nope. He just got himself banned from national and international pro motorcycle racing as well.

    MotoAmerica uses USADA. By reciprocal agreement he’ll also be banned from any organization following WADA protocols.

    Pretty sure this will preclude amateur level motorcycle racing as well.
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  8. Pneumatico Delle Vittorie

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    So what? Can he figure out on how to get a snake out of his shitter?
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    Well that ended up being a poor life choice.
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    Huntley and his lawyer Dad leave a lot to be desired in terms of personal respect. I worked with Huntley and my feedback would be...don't. Therefore, this is not at all surprising.
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    So if you inject the snake will he develop roid rage and attack the asshole on the throne?
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    Nice to see the BBS is alive and well.
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    Based on information that's been published, he was not up front with both about shagging both.
    IMO, that's being disingenuous at best. YMMV.

    Morally, as opposed to criminally. As I said, opinions may vary.
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    I’m just here to say two things.

    1: I share the same sentiment about working with you, and “The Victor Difference.”

    2: I filed the domestic violence (stalking) case against my ex-girlfriend.
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    I see what you did there. But I'm looking for conclusions like is the snake still in there, will the dad actually show up to Pitt and will he believe JH131? And of course why all of us keeping feeding these stupid threads with BS. Granted most of the time it's really funny shit but...
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    Come on, not at 5 p.m. on a Friday!
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    It isn't Friday
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    ... this...
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