HRC Data Logger, few basic questions

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by Jeff Payton #82, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. Jeff Payton #82

    Jeff Payton #82 ‘The dinosaurs also thought they had more time’

    1. both the 125/250 diagrams show 'LAP' on one of the ports- both say this is unused. I would like to use it for all intensive purposes, but for the life of me i can't locate any info on this portion of the kit

    2. i am seeing the logger runs off of the generated voltage of the bike and/or battery - can anyone confirm?

    3. obviously the kit is intended for 2002+ machines, but i am curious if this means it will only work with those machines

  2. grendels_arm

    grendels_arm Sam Green Eggs and Ham

    Shameless plug for There's info there about the data logger. Do you mean LAF? If so that's the suspension stuff. They are a bit pricey and I never got those. Here's the LAF sensor on Amazon as it's used for other Honda vehicles.

    The data logger runs off the bike when it's on so no battery needed. You need a battery, I used an old small 12v, to power it afterwards to download your data to your laptop or whatever you have the software on. That's what I did. I downloaded my data in my garage after I got back from the races.

    It works fine on my 98 bike which I'm pretty sure has a '98 harness. There were a few versions of the software. The different versions would work with specific firmware for the logger. A used one I bought didn't work until I got updated firmware and correct software.
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  3. Jeff Payton #82

    Jeff Payton #82 ‘The dinosaurs also thought they had more time’

    Ahh, thanks for this!!

    Battery to retrieve data makes perfect sense.

    as for the LAP - i'm not kidding there is a port on the wiring diagram that says lap, and after a little bit of scrolling through the data logger manual its clear on both the 125/250 that there is an orange connection for lap timer, but says 'UNUSED' - the LAF i have found plenty of data and different uses for, water temp sensor data being the 'coolest' i've seen

    i believe the '98 had the powervalve system with throttle pos sensor? i mostly want the kit to work on my 96 for deto/shift indication and obviously all the other data it can provide is useful. A little unsure of the uphill battle i'm facing to make it work which is seemingly growing steeper, but i couldn't pass on the deal and it all seems really cool to me to learn about even if i can't use it with my current setup
  4. Jeff Payton #82

    Jeff Payton #82 ‘The dinosaurs also thought they had more time’

    the USGPRU link is extremely helpful - thank you!!
    haven't visited that site in at least a year, it was down when i would check a while ago
  5. grendels_arm

    grendels_arm Sam Green Eggs and Ham

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  6. Jeff Payton #82

    Jeff Payton #82 ‘The dinosaurs also thought they had more time’

    I read through the threads, still looking for more just for kicks. I was telling my buddy Bill last night that I was born 5-7 years too late.. love living in the late 90's!
    And you're correct, I meant powerjet in my previous comment. It all seems like I should be able to get this kit up and running as long as I can source a machine to run the software.
    I have a 2010 macbook pro that apparently i can run a virtual machine or boot camp, the issue is I don't have a copy of Windows 98/ME/2000 haha!

    Going to figure out the lap timer portion - the Ducati gps comments are very helpful.

    I wish was around when USGPRU was hot
  7. grendels_arm

    grendels_arm Sam Green Eggs and Ham

    I run it on an XP VM I installed from ISO someone gave me long ago. I run the VM in Virtualbox and it can see the data logger connected to the physical laptop the VM is running on. Back then I only had a Linux based laptop.
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  8. Jeff Payton #82

    Jeff Payton #82 ‘The dinosaurs also thought they had more time’

    Thanks all! Probably should have spent the money on top end repair/replate but, ya know, priorities? lol
  9. Jeff Payton #82

    Jeff Payton #82 ‘The dinosaurs also thought they had more time’

    Well after being laid off and isolated I was finally able to take another stab at this.

    I have had a copy of XP for a decade or so, and as stated above a mid 2010 MacBook Pro. In the past, I ran parallels on the Mac to run XP for lighting design/DMX control software, and knew I could use those two to make this kit work.

    Unfortunately, OSX has changed since and does not support XP install, but now supports Win 7/8 above.

    I tried every way known to partition the Mac HD and install windows without wiping 10 years of data, but was unsuccessful. The partition formats have changed and Apple would much rather you utilize boot camp.

    SO- I found a thread that mentioned going back to the original operating system that allowed for XP install through boot camp - and that’s what I did - reinstalled OSX 10.6.4 from disk that came with the laptop, boot camp partitioned does windows xp, installed xp and HRC logger software

    All up and functioning ! Dedicated race laptop and didn’t have to spend money on yet another computer or software, and I like that it is somewhat period correct running via XP

    once the software side was operational I then fashioned a couple tender leads connected to the correct female 4P coupler to a battery for a quick disconnect style hookup.

    flipped the kill switch and she was live! USB recognized and functioning, Det counter shows 1 as it should

    Since the logger came from another racer in Spain my curiosity led me to pulling previous race files and how interesting to see output from another time another rider another bike!

    still feel a bit over my head with the tech from the early 2000s but I’m really enjoying learning about this little segment of HRC

    I learned my det counter does not have output for the logger, but is ‘Shindengen’ branded which I found to be the tech supplier to HRC. So I’m assuming it is a ‘pre’ logger det counter potentially? the TH sensor does not exist on the 96 harness due to likely the carb change afer 97? (This is all I can surmise) and in order for this thing to fire and record I have to hit 80% throttle (not sure how it will know seeing as I don’t have that on my harness) and 8,000rpm (should be ok here)

    Anyone aware if I’ll need to update to a newer harness and or carb to make this work?

    Or maybe can clue me in on the th sensor and how I can make it work with an older harness so that I can at least get this puppy to fire and record

    more uphill battle to come I’m sure.. thanks all!
  10. Jeff Payton #82

    Jeff Payton #82 ‘The dinosaurs also thought they had more time’

    Have come to the conclusion that updating the bike to 98 components is a financial investment I’m not willing to undertake.

    If anyone has interest in the logger kit please message me, as it is now for sale
  11. grendels_arm

    grendels_arm Sam Green Eggs and Ham

  12. Jeff Payton #82

    Jeff Payton #82 ‘The dinosaurs also thought they had more time’

    Sold, back to ‘96.. fun learning about the thing though

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