Heat and endurance racing.

Discussion in 'WERA National Endurance Series' started by 50Joe, Jul 7, 2022.

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    well Im holding judgement until I see a qualifying report card from a prominent university.
    You typed so much to say so little. What medical training taught you about "hydration habits"??
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    Exactly... but modern gatorade is not the same stuff it was when the Gators actually used it.
    The market for athletic hydration product powder is pretty diverse. You can find some at any bike shop, chain drug store, or even order it.
    And it doesnt require days of water guzzling...
    Finding the product that works for you makes a dramatic difference in energy & cognitive function later in the day. And you can get up the next day and do it all over again.
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    Hello Cooter... if you & @F3racer1 are giving good hydration advice... please point me to it. I see alot of innane bullshit that maybe some facebooker wouldnt question. But the water guzzling is downright hilarious.
    Or maybe you just dont know... I would offer to even pay for you to ride a Jennings track day in the summer but they stopped doing them because folks with your hydration strategy of guzzling water ended up needing to be revived by track medical in the pits!
    It was great when they did do them as it was open track all afternoon because the heat just broke fair weather riders like a popsicle stick!!

    Your friend that knows a thing or 5 about proper hydrating,

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    You say you know a thing or 5 but not once have you said what those are. I am down for an education but you simply aren't proving anyone wrong here.
    You invalidate my experience without telling us yours. However since you want a report card. I have a degree from UTA in Fire, Safety, and Occupational Health Management from UT Arlington. Im also EMT-B Tactical certified. How do you expect us to believe you are more educated on the subject when the only thing you know how to do is tell someone they are wrong.
    I just did a 4hr endurance race at Roebling using my "insane bullshit" technique. I did just fine.

    Again.....educate instead of just saying that we are wrong.
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    I just looked at your join date so Ill cut you some slack. Its a rib (board joke) someone once used to qualify malarky a few years ago. I could care less what you scored in primary or secondary school. Im thankful for your service as well...
    Back to hydrating... its about the electrolytes as indicated in post 19. I was trying to bait you into saying it... you just never turned the corner. Im no expert... I think RRW did an article that touched lightly on the topic with a qualified expert. I do have alot of experience in high humidity high temp places. Think a 130 degree south FL attic around 3pm.
    I also have been riding in those temps, in leathers, since '95. When I see people complain about 100 degree temps with 56 degree dew points & 50% humidity ... I laugh. Hence why I invited @Cooter! to ride something challenging to his hydration method.
    And over the past 5 years Ive been doing alot of high elevation dirtbiking...
    My personal choices for product are Skratch, Liquid IV, & Nunn...
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    So drinking a bunch of beers the night before an endurance race with very little water is not a good idea?? Maybe that's part of the reason I feel like I'm about to pass out after 15 minutes on track lol
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    You're a butthole. Lol.
    I'm from Orlando and live near Savannah so I can feel all of the 130 degree attic and the leathers. Dad had me in leathers at an early age too. I'm 44 now.
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    You're supposed to do it during the race day, not before. Didn't anyone tell you that is what the rider changes are for?
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    theres plenty of water in beer...especially if you like coors or bud light...hehe. Thats where the nunn tablets come in handy :)
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    @TurboBlew The troll attempt seemed obvious, but I try not to be rude to strangers. There's enough drama in real life, right?

    Living in Stuart, FL I did hundreds of summertime laps around PBIR when all I could afford was an old, used non-perf suit:eek:. Purple and black Dianese baby!:p. 15 years later I just got back from Buttonwillow (CRA Round 3) at 103*+ and even got some pretty plastic ornaments to stick in the garage:beer:. Good times.
    Haven't passed out yet, and I'm too smart to go in an attic in Florida. Ever. Eff that place.:crackup:
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    I can attest you do not want to get a cramp in any pivotal parts of your body when in full boogie mode on the track.
    Few years ago doing a full weekend track days (Sat/Sun) when weather was unusually hot.
    I literally was drinking tons of water/Gatorade and eating bananas...
    And still on Sunday afternoon session my right hand started to cramp so bad I almost couldn't move my fingers to use the front brakes!!!
    Came in and called the weekend done on the spot.
    The track at speed is not a place to "test" how hydrated you are!
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    the takeaway is "hydration" is a balancing act especially on multiple days of activity & how motor skills become dangerously diminished.
    There are many effective replenishment supplements that dont require force feeding bananas & sweetened sports drinks.
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    Plus Audrey is the best
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    Bought one. They shipped it out super fast.
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    Plus 1 for Audrey…
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    Really liking the Scratch. Found it doing Cal Superbike School and have been using it since:D
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    RRW did an article a few years ago about a Dr. that was working with some racers with proper hydration. The Dr was a sponsor of the team and I believe she did some club racing. I can't remeber her name. But I do remeber the hydration plan was based on testing with each individual racer.
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    forgot to link it earlier...

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    Skratch is the bomb. I go through a ton of it because of all my handcycling. Their recovery powder is also awesome.

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