GNCC at Mid-Ohio????? Mongo?

Discussion in 'General' started by slowohioboy344, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. slowohioboy344

    slowohioboy344 Well-Known Member

    I remember seeing something in a post about no points for Wera, any updates yet??

    Also, Alright if I start thinking about getting a team for the team challenge together? I would like to get that back from the CMRA guys.

    Or has something else changed and you aren't telling us yet.
  2. Silo Pete

    Silo Pete We have ignition.

    The only constant thing so far is you are still gahy.
  3. rugbymook

    rugbymook Under Construction

    On the team thing. Make sure to get a copy of the rules for team points. Last year, a few of us were running classes that they didn't count finishes for. To do it right, you guys need to run a LWT or HWT class to maximize each members points. I know Zac, Dustin, Dane, and Cory ran LWT stuff in the past.
  4. rob748

    rob748 Well-Known Member


    Stephanie the girl that worked for the AMA and pretty much ran the event has left the AMA for greener pastures.
    so l guess we will see what is going to happen with all the changes at the AMA racing side.
  5. slowohioboy344

    slowohioboy344 Well-Known Member

    If it's the same as the past points wise, they count 1 (LWT. or HWT.) race, the rest is all 600/750/1K classes. Each rider's best finish counts and one of the three riders has two races count. That's what it was in 06 anyhow.

    Had not heard about that Rob, But there seems to be alot of that going around.
  6. owndjoo

    owndjoo muthapucka

    yea i've heard some rumors that it may not even happen.
  7. ekraft84

    ekraft84 Registered User

    Lots of rumors. Stephanie dedicated a lot of time to that one event as I recall, so unless someone is filling her role, the event may not be the same as it was.

    It's a shame, as this event has a ton of potential.
  8. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Right now we're as up in the air as everyone else. I'll know what the deal is for sure by Grattan.
  9. owndjoo

    owndjoo muthapucka

    cool. that's the race i look forward to every year. track is 30 min from my house, so it's a big weekend for me and the family.
  10. STT-Rider

    STT-Rider Well-Known Member

    Those Ti water bottle brackets on your crutches are NOT supersport legal.
  11. owndjoo

    owndjoo muthapucka

    haha, those are chro-mo, i swears it! I almost went with the carbon, but $40 a piece was a lil steep. Had a blast on monday, hopefully I can actually be of some service soon.

    and that Ham didn't seem superstock legal either, it tasted way too good!:up:
  12. STT-Rider

    STT-Rider Well-Known Member

    Thanks Drew... That was a Cheater Ham for sure.
  13. KovzR6

    KovzR6 Well-Known Member

    can we stack a few teams?? cmra always has 3 extremely fast guys together.. and our fast guys get spread out :( stack at least 1 team!!!
  14. owndjoo

    owndjoo muthapucka

    well if you want it stacked, then I say you get the national guys to bring it. there's always a nat goin on the same weekend. does the no pro license thing affect the team challenge?
  15. slowohioboy344

    slowohioboy344 Well-Known Member

    Yes, the no Pro license thing matters. Most of the National guys have eliminated themselves, and Kawi is the only paying, that I have seen.
  16. owndjoo

    owndjoo muthapucka

    suzuki isn't this year?? that sucks ballz.
  17. rugbymook

    rugbymook Under Construction

    Stack a team.

    I'll loan the SV for LWT so you donkeys can bring the glory back to WERA where it belongs.
  18. owndjoo

    owndjoo muthapucka

    haha, i've got sv experience!:up: too bad i'm slow :down: :down:
  19. Czar

    Czar Well-Known Member

    The event is in for an overhaul - no one who had anything to do with the event is left at AMA and the new man in charge wants to change up the event - so don't go getting all excited about Team Challenges or anything just yet - we will know for sure by the time we get to Grattan next weekend what is going on.
  20. Silo Pete

    Silo Pete We have ignition.

    I think it's going to be all Clubman, all the time. Or Lightweight Superbike. That's where the hot action is...


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