Geoff May's ex Daytona 200 Pole Sitting R6

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by rjonesy683, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. rjonesy683

    rjonesy683 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure. I never sat on the new r6. I believed they changed the subframe on the new one so it is probably a little bit different
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  2. SPL170db

    SPL170db Trackday winner

    If I recall correctly they redesigned the seating position on the 2017 to have a more "sit in the bike" feel. 2016 and earlier you're up higher for more of that "sit on the bike" feel.
  3. jt21

    jt21 JFugginT

    Yes! I can’t ride an 06-16 r6 to save my life because of that. Just can’t get comfortable. The new seating position is very favorable.
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  4. rjonesy683

    rjonesy683 Well-Known Member

    I still have it. Can be brought to ROC at Daytona in a couple weeks if anyone is interested.
  5. rjonesy683

    rjonesy683 Well-Known Member

    Bump...Daytona people!
  6. Gmay99

    Gmay99 Well-Known Member

    Bring it. Good chance I'll leave with it.
  7. rjonesy683

    rjonesy683 Well-Known Member

    Will do,
  8. Pro Speed Racin

    Pro Speed Racin Pro Speed Racing Apparel

    Bump for a good guy!
  9. Napier43

    Napier43 Member

    Hello, is this bike still for sale?
  10. rjonesy683

    rjonesy683 Well-Known Member

    Yes still for sale
  11. nicholae

    nicholae Well-Known Member

    Bike sold?
  12. R1M370

    R1M370 Prohibido

  13. Philip Mirgliotta

    Philip Mirgliotta Well-Known Member

  14. 2wheelcrazy

    2wheelcrazy Bike ADD issues

    The ad is 3 1/2 years old..... really Are you looking to see if maybe the next owner is selling it??
  15. Jaketheone46

    Jaketheone46 Well-Known Member

    Can the new subframe be put on a 16 for that in bike feel? I notice that high seat position on my 16 R6.
  16. Jaketheone46

    Jaketheone46 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone confirm this?? I have a 2016 and the wife is trying to transition from her R3 to the R6 and anything I can do to lower the seat height without affecting performance would just be amazing. I would assume if the new subframe makes you sit more into the bike that it also lowers the seat height. If this is the case does anyone know if the subframes are compatible?? I’d make the switch in a heartbeat.
  17. Suzuka_joe

    Suzuka_joe Well-Known Member

    I had a 16 and 17 at the same time, the seat height is the same, distance to the pegs is the same, the tank changed so much that you feel less like you sit on top.. the new subframe won't make it sit any lower
  18. Jaketheone46

    Jaketheone46 Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much, exactly what I needed to know.

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