FS: Dainese D1 Laguna Seca 54EU/44US & Aero 54EU/44US

Discussion in 'Race Gear and Accessories For Sale' started by PhilDucati, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. PhilDucati

    PhilDucati Well-Known Member

    I am taking this year off track day so my suits up for sale.
    Dainese D1 Laguna Seca size 54EU/44US New been try on walking around the house watching motogp for try to break it in but it need more time to wear it to break it in retail $1299 your $900

    Dainese Aero size 54EU/44US one track day still haven't break it yet $1000

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  2. Mark151

    Mark151 Well-Known Member

    What's your height and weight. I used to fit in a 52 great but weigh about 20 more pounds now than before. I'm kind of deciding between a 54 or 56.
  3. PhilDucati

    PhilDucati Well-Known Member

    5'10" 185lbs
  4. Mark151

    Mark151 Well-Known Member

    I'll pm you
  5. PhilDucati

    PhilDucati Well-Known Member

    Laguna Seca D1 Sold

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