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    Some would say they are of equal important to our society currently.
  3. Banditracer

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    I would say water. There's alternatives for energy, not for water.
  4. Orvis

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    It's amazing that over the past 70 years there was no problem with fracturing until natural gas drilling started close to the cities. That's when all those folks that had never heard of fracking started raising hell about it because it was something that they didn't know anything about. They bought into all the sensational news stories written by reporters that didn't understand it either. Now it's the workings of the devil.

    The fact that there are occasions when natural gas comes to the surface all by itself, and are only discovered when people go looking for it makes it something that's not worth going into a panic over.

    All this chicken little's "the sky is falling" is really irritating.
  5. HPPT

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    They should have kept drilling away from people who can read.
  6. svtinker

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    Hmmm.....this town close to you?

    Conspiracy theory for your perusal-
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  8. ckruzel

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    its big just north of me, lots of money being pumped into the local economy, i've even done work for chesapeake energy and sweet h2O
  9. Sideshow

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    Gasland was a scary documentary.
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    "Frack" is a Colonial expletive, roughly analagous to "shit" or even the milder "rats" or "darn" of the Original Series. Its subversive value, exploited far more extensively in the Re-imagined Series, is that it sounds like a variant of "fuck", and in the latter series it actually conveys that meaning.
    There are two main ways to spell the term, but "frack" is how it appears in the Writer's Guide, dated October, 2, 1978.
    With the exception of the Galactica 1980 episode "The Return of Starbuck", it is used solely in the Original Series episodes and publications relating to that series. For the first nine episodes of Galactica 1980, the term "felgercarb" is used in lieu of "frack", likely because of the "Kiddie Hour" timeslot 1980 held at the time.
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    Actually, it's happening in rural Wyoming too. People there are having to truck in water because their wells have benzene and other toxins in them

    I think it didn't happen so much historically because they used water before. Now, since the energy companies are exempt from Clean Water Act and numerous other safeguards, they're just pumping in whatever crap they want to get rid of. Oh yeah, they got an exemption on telling you what they're using
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    That's a 10 point post right there buddy.
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    After several years of a gas company trucking in water for a small group of locals...the state finally tested the water and found nothing out of spec. Now, what I don't understand.

    Extensive water tests take a week or two...what took so long? Next, after the tests were negative, why continue to bellyache? True not everyones "safe" water is actually appealing to drink. Sulphur water, High iron content and other "acceptable" things can make water rather disgusting, but why is that the gas companies (or taxpayer's) problem? Is this just a way to foist a water problem off on somebody else?
  14. Sabre699

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    A short time without water and you're fracking dead.
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    I'm surprised PC has posted in this thread.
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    Or cut the power.
  17. Hawk518

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    Eliminate the printing press. People won't be able to read about how bad Fracking is.
  18. Hawk518

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    Be environmentally friendly, stop your alcohol consumption.

    4 - 6 liters of water needed to produce 1 liter of beer.
  19. pickled egg

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    Yeah, but I give that water back when I'm done with the beer. :D
  20. Hawk518

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    They say that our body is mostly water, we can shoot a few million to recoup.

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