For Sale: WORXXX Daytona Side Jack

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    For Sale:
    Side Jack $1500.00, free shipping, any where in the 48 States of the USA. Pictured is black. For sale is bare aluminum. This is "NEW' and the last one. Support Tube for: R6, R1, ZX10R. If you have have a bike not listed, I may or may not be able to help with a support tube. If a support is not available, the price is reduced to $1400.00.

    Craig (559) 998-9547 text

    Dump Can still available in single break w/ stand. Male "Red Head" receiver not included. $650.00 free shipping in the 48 States of the USA

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    One Used dump can with stand. Last one!!!!!! There will be more!!!!!!!! $450.00 shipped in the 48 states.
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    Are you still in business? I tried calling the number but it does not work.

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