FL man shoots unarmed kid. Walks home, has a beer.

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    Twanna Brawley... Duke Lacross... Trayvon Martin... I guess Obama, Holder and Sharpton did'nt get the memo...

    ".. stupid is .. as stupid does.."
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    Agreed, yes I do and yes I would. Again, we are ALL speculating here with no real facts, because as the great Dr Bao :) said during the trial (probably the only true statement from either side) he said, there is only ONE person here that knows the truth.

    But, yes. We to had a rash of break-ins in our neighborhood here at Bragg, no surprise there, the military community is probably the easiest target for criminal. We have definite hours that we are away from home. YES, there are always people walking around. YES, if they don’t look like they are from here in our subdivision, I pay CLOSE attention to them. I have to stop there because, again the rest is speculation.
  3. What in the blue fuck are you talking about? I didnt say the pictures proved ANYTHING about Trayvon, or that tattoos or the color of somebody's skin proves anything at all about anybody. My comments were simply about the PICTURES and how they are utilized.

    I said those pictures prove how the media likes to twist shit. They show a photoshopped picture of a 12yr old boy and say THAT is who was involved in the incident. But that 12yr old boy had nothing to do with the incident. I would like to think that 12yr old boy pictured in the hoodie was probably playing video games or kickball with his friends when that picture was taken.

    Showing that picture of Trayvon and saying how THAT person was shot to death makes about as much fucking sense as showing a picture of me as a toddler and saying THAT little boy was stepped on and pushed over by some drunk fat chick while holding some water in a gas station.
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    What I don't get is if it's dark out and Trayvon had his hood up, Zimmerman probably couldn't have even been able to tell if he was black, white, hispanic, green, whatever. If I saw someone with a black hoodie on, with his hood up over his head, walking down my street late at night, I'd think he's suspicious regardless of race.

    I think it's ridiculous some of the opinion pieces I've read of black families saying they're discussing how their son can go running in their upper-middle class neighborhood without getting shot... WTF!? If he's really just running and isn't doing it at midnight he's fine!
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    It would be relevant. Didn't you cry like a baby and take all your water home?
  6. Oh shit :crackup:

    Nope, no crying. But i did take all the water. :D
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    Wow, the internet is a great place huh. I have met you in the paddock and you were not this aggressive? Actually you were very cordial and nice. But, I guess that was maybe an accident (I don’t think so). Or is it that I should put on my internet gangster typing fingers?

    Anyway, the way "I" read your text was to mean that the organizations listed and the photos were saying he was or was not bad or good. The statement "I" was making was that it does not matter what he was or is, what matters is what he was doing that day, well at least in America it does. I think?
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    I and many others in my platoon have ran at night, well past midnight preparing for Ranger school, soooooooo that too really means nothing. BUT, it wasent in an upper-middle class neighborhood :)
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    Wasn't it some suspicious black guys who started the screwdriver fight at Roebling?:D
  10. Nope. And I don't. You should read my post in the "Racism in America 2013" to see how i feel about all of that kind of shit. To me, all of that shit is stupid.

    I grew up with, played sports with, boxed against and were friends with people of all races. I work with people from all over the world, of all different backgrounds, with all different kinds of "looks" about them. I can't afford to judge people like that either.

    It doesnt make a shit to me if somebody is black/white/purple, if they like a set of tits or a set of balls, grew up in the USA, the UK or Africa. I take people as i see them and judge them based upon how they are/do/act. Somebody is either a piece of shit or they aren't. I have dealt with pieces of shit of varying colors and backgrounds. And I have some really, really good friends of all colors and backgrounds.

    The point I was making had nothing to do with judging Trayvon. It had to do with how the media and other groups like to manipulate things to fuel their agendas.

    It pisses me off that race was ever brought up in this incident. It also pisses me off that people like Obama, NAACP, Jessie Jackson and others are trying to make a mockery of the justice system and sticking their nose in it.....only because he was black. They are just as much to blame for the racism in this country as anybody else. Racism will never end when our "leaders" are just as much to blame as anybody.
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    If he was running, none of this would have happened. He had 4 minutes to get home, he literally could have ran home, back to Z-man, back home, maybe 3-4 times in that much time.
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    Well for one you're also doing that on a military base, not in a private community. My guess is you also weren't walking in the rain either with your hood up over your head. Running where you are late at night is considered normal. In some places that'd be considered out of the ordinary but more then likely you'd wave hello at a car driving by. Not hide and then attack someone who got out of the car looking to see where you went.

    There are some common sense things as to how not to look suspicious and none of them have to do with race.

    For instance, the other day when my brother-in-law came home he said there was a car parked at the end of our cul-de-sac off to the side and it had its lights on. Middle of the day. None of us recognized the car and there are only two houses at the cul-de-sac and they are both way off of the road. So we walked up to check it out, him with his .40 and me with my .45. Just as we were walking up our driveway a bunch of teens (none of who lived on our street) hopped in the car and drove off and tried giving a casual wave hello like this was "normal." Another kid who was with them and we didn't recognize (definitely didn't live on the street) started walking up the road and kept stopping and looking back at us. Eventually he cut across one of the neighbor's yard over to where we suspect he lives. All of this was very out of place for where we live. My brother-in-law and I think they were all smoking weed off in the woods because it's an easy place to hide but have no proof. We're just going to keep our eyes open to see if they come back. Bottom line is, it was out of place (i.e. suspicious) and warranted a closer look. The fact that half of the teens were black and half were white ultimately has nothing to do with the fact that their actions were suspicious.
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  13. There was nothing aggressive in my post. Why do you say it was aggressive, because i said "fuck"? That is how i talk, in real life and online. Anybody that truly knows me will tell you that i talk/act/respond to anything exactly the same whether i am online or not.

    I can type close to 100 words per minute, therefore i type exactly as thoughts pop into my head, and just about as fast as they pop in there.

    If you would have approached me in the paddock with the same "tone" as your post did, my response would have been "what in the blue fuck are you talking about?". Then when we finished the conversation, i would have offered you a beer or asked if i could help you with anything as far as riding/racing/your bike is concerned. :beer:

    But in reference to the conversation at hand, like i said, my comments had absolutely nothing to do with any judgement of Trayvon at all.
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    I gotta go. Ya'll are going to get me in trouble, I'm supposed to be working, not reading internet forums.
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    oh absolutely, I've seen the same thing happen. I too live about two houses from a cul-de-sac. It's ironic reading your post, because i have done the same thing, but alone and it wasn't teens, it was grown freaking men. I wish i could say i wasn't a little hesitant (code word for scared). But, i wanted them to know that i seen them. Their excuse was, they were waiting on a girl. Yea, okay.

    But, yea man. I agree with you. We could debate this all day. But we were not there. I gotta go!
  16. Hey wait, tanks95......
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    I've said it a million times. There are plenty of awesome reasons to hate most of the people on this planet - race or sexual orientation or whatever means absolutely nothing to me.

    Really? We never noticed here. :D
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    The media should post this picture of George Zimmerman when reporting on his not guilty verdict.
  19. Damnit, he had already left. If he came back and posted "what?", i was going to be like "how much work do you think you would have gotten done if i hadnt called you back?". :crackup:

    I do it with Lora all the time. She will walk off and i will be like "hey, wait, come'er". Then she will walk all the way back in there and i will be like "how far do you reckon you would be if i hadnt stopped you?". :crackup:

    It obviously doesnt work as good online. :D

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