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Discussion in 'Other' started by hunzi, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. hunzi

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    My son is getting into motocross racing and in order to keep my wife and daughter happy I’m thinking about getting a toyhauler so that they can be comfortable when sitting around all day if it’s 100 degrees outside or cold and rainy. Of course when races are farther away we’ll also sleep in it for a night or two over the weekend. Tow vehicle is a tundra with 5.7L, so I’d like to stick with a gvwr of around 8k or less (I know it can tow more but it’s gonna have to do it frequently). I’d like something in the 22-27ft class, sleeping 4-6, bumper pull. Preferably no slides cause that just seems like it’s more likely to leak. I have no idea which brands are good or bad so just looking for some input based on personal experience. Thanks!

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  2. alan

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    You will get more responses in general section. This is the classifieds
  3. hunzi

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    Thanks just realized that also!

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  4. fat bloke

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    im about to purchase a larger 5th wheel but once i have my 24ft jayco octane will be going on the block, got a genny and a permanent queen bed
  5. TurboBlew

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    do a quick search. Was discussed intensely this and last year.

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