Clinton Crimes: Will they ever pay?

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Fonda Dix, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Funkm05

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    Incapable of knowing? No. Incapable of caring if it’s right/wrong? Most. I think his point was simply that she’s been raised to only care about winning. Means be damned.
  2. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    Then the hyena analogy is a bit weak.
  3. SGVRider

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    Doesn’t matter. She is what she is. Someone who has zero ideology other than “I want to be at the top” and evolved to exploit the system. Moral and immoral have no bearing. If you want to achieve in our system, you do what it takes to win. I don’t want power enough to be willing to compromise my own values and identity to win, but idealists don’t survive in the game do they? The people that are willing to do whatever it takes do.

    If you want excellent reading, pick up the book “Dangerous Nation”. The author posited the best point I’ve ever seen about the US political system. Incredible book all around. You’d like it.

    In the US, government power was narrow but absolute in areas which it had control. In the old world, state power extended to everything but was limited by other actors’ ability to resist. Which system does the US have now? The latter, without a doubt. The former system will always become the latter, as wide but tenuous state power is a meta-stable system. Narrow but absolute power can only exist where the previous structures never took root or were cast out. Over time, state power will grow until it meets resistance and can grow no more. Same as any other economic or ecological behavior.

    Government will be held in check by non-state actors gaining power and influence, NOT citizenry somehow rolling back the weight of centuries of creeping bureaucracy. This is already happening, see: Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft.
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  5. In Your Corner

    In Your Corner It's a little-known fact...

    Not unusual, at least half of the Dems I know call themselves
    independent but always vote Democrat.
  6. cpettit

    cpettit Well-Known Member

    I don't vote for democrats in presidential elections. yet.

    In local elections I actually read up on the candidates and vote for who I think will do the best job.

    Amazing that so many people find this to be an alien concept.
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  7. SGVRider

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    It’s good that you research people, but I wonder what the utility actually is? Most candidates will not go very far off brand or buck the system much, so is researching and voting for them as inviduals vs party brand worth the time invested for the very marginal chance they’ll do something exceptional?

    What do you mean by local anyhow? I see how that would be of utility to me in my mid-size SoCal city. County of Los Angeles officials? No use. They’re all bureaucrat creatures and follow the same policies. The County has more people than most every state, so the machine controls it as much as any state anyway. State officials? All statewide offices are occupied by whomever the Democrat machine decides should be there. It doesn’t matter a shit who they are as individuals.
  8. XFBO

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    And they usually always argue Liberal talking points but NEVER right-leaning ones....but yea they're not Dems. LOL!

    My word, this kind of innocence from a 41yo man.....really???

    I shared that mindset in my late teens into my early 20's too, also for local elections. The best guy for the job doesn't cut it when politicians self align with their own party 9 out of 10x, especially since 9/11 when things became rather volatile between the parties.
  9. cpettit

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    So you just blindly go pull the level for anyone who has the R or D (whichever you choose) next to their name?
  10. Potts N Pans

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    Maybe Marky Mark will get an email request from someone about this. That someone could follow her example by bleaching and smashing the server.

    Unfortunately the Clintons will live on and ruin lives forever
  11. Potts N Pans

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    It one time I want your jinx to pull through :beer:
  12. SGVRider

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    California doesn’t let Republicans run. They created an open primary system so they could disenfranchise and demoralize Republican voters on downballot offices by having only Democrats run for the top jobs. For whichever Dems they put up, I vote for whoever is the lesser piece of shit, not from the Bay Area, or disfavored by the Dem machine. Usually they’re the same person so it’s very easy. Sometimes they’re both so abhorrent I don’t mark it.
  13. Potts N Pans

    Potts N Pans Well-Known Member

    Just start shitting on the sidewalk...

    I call it the San Francisco Stalemate
  14. SpeedyE

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    The clinically term is psychopathy.
    The more emotions/morals you have, the more human/evolved you are.
    When someone operates off of their emotionless reptilian-brain, they are called psychopaths. They are not human, they are missing the neural components to be human. "The mask of sanity"

    Psychopaths excel at business and politics, as they are high-IQ'd chameleons, and lack remorse/empathy. They are like AI. A computer brain, like 'Hal'

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  15. In Your Corner

    In Your Corner It's a little-known fact...

    Our town has 13 state reps to vote for, I can't familiarise myself with all of them.
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    At the gun club... 15506965441480.jpg
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  17. beac83

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    Who did that hack job of plumbing and electric?
  18. eggfooyoung

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    Not I....

    I gotta tell ya tho, it's like walking back in time walking in to the club house. There's a huge round table that all of the old timers sit around telling stories, smoking cigars whatnot. I swear I was sitting across from Paul Castellano's brother on Wednesday. Very mobish. It's awesome!:D
  19. Venom51

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    It's a gun club..not a union hall.
  20. lrrs517

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    Never mind the Famous But Corrupt mob investigating the crime family. Send in a real police department. The Chicago PD.

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