Chip Yates, not here, please.

Discussion in 'General' started by dumbass, Jan 25, 2011.

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    I would've had no problem with this thread if the OP hadn't posted as anonymous. If you've got a issue...then say it. The WERA peeps will either agree or disagree. The internet isn't an anonymous thing anymore. People need to realize that.
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    2XIDT(ail) :D
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  4. ThrottleAbuse

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    Maybe the wanted to post as anonymous so everyone in the pits wouldn't point at them an laugh.
  5. Couch Champion

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    To add a little fuel to the fire (I think someone said 15 pages?)...

    Hypotheically speaking, if someone were to show up with a bike that didn't fit into an existing class structure would you allow that bike to run solely based on performance indexing?

    Because really that is what happened here, someone built a bike that didn't fit into the rules structure and then asked for it to be allowed to run, so in fairness to all shouldn't that same accomodation be made to whomever wants to build a bike, however they like? Which logically leads to "what is the point of having rules anyway"?

    Puts the gas can down and walks away...
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    That's gonna leave a mark.

  7. corsemoto

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    It hurts to look at!

    All that ass mass it probably gets off the corner better than those other Hwt twins, clearly a cheater! :D
  8. ThrottleAbuse

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    The odds were about the same for Chip winning the race on that bike and Chip winning the Superbowl on that bike.
  9. Lizard 1

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    If someone built a bike from scratch, it most likely would include a motor that is based on something that is current. Twin, Single, In-Line 4, Triple, etc. Sure, maybe someone with stupid deep pockets may come up with a motor that doesn't exist, but if they would, I bet based on lap times, it fits well within a certain group.

    That's the issue here. The OP was starting to sound like he was pissed the bike has some cool trick bits, etc. However, there is NO stock bike to base anything off of. I think it should be only allowed in a Superbike Class and I think that should be based on how it runs against what it is put up against.

    Seems to me it is pretty simple. Bike runs the same lap times as a 600SB, runs with that class. If it gets faster, maybe B based classes... It just is a bike that doesn't exist and the only base of where it should go has to be lap times.

    Put Barnes on it? Might fit into a faster class. Know what I mean? It's like basing the 450 super single class on how I ride the thing or how Josh Herrin rides it. BUT, the super single is easy to fit into an exisitng class... BUT, if we were basing it on lap times, that could be different. Chip is at the helm and doing a good job of getting it out there. He just wants to race. Look at it from his side. If he gets faster and has to move up a class, he is going to get all the earned points in the lower classes dropped. Well, he earned them, but you see what I am saying - he's gotta start all over...
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    protest his windscreen in SS. problem solved :P
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    man put a front faring from a buell and that tail on a bike and plow some snow with it. its like the carbon weiner mobile
  12. Britt

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    Bike is SOOoooooo Coooooool, it has Radiators...
  13. vance

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    The HWTwins class only has 3 racers and they're racing UP a class?:confused:
  14. dumbass

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    As far as the overall points are concerned: He's not going to race vegas because the bike isn't suited for it. So on the season the people who need them will have them. The points aren't important to me. Although, that's not what others have been saying in both classes. I've heard complaints.

    Based on times would he run with the 250's at Vegas ? And then the F1's at Buttonwillow ? Chip said that he's not running Vegas. It seemed he said it because he wouldn't be competitive. Why is Fontana the gauge for the class he's in.
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    Damn dude, put the keyboard down and walk away. This isn't going to get any better for you.
  16. Jordan

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    i'd lift that tail ;):clap:
  17. Flex Axlerod

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    I need to make sure I understand.

    Backmarker is upset about another backmarker's bike being too fast for a class that the original backmarker's bike is too slow for anyway, right?

    Just put it in LWT and REALLY watch the freak outs begin.
  18. 178SV

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    Because Fontana was the first event? he wasn't in a class he should be competitive in. He was 10 seconds off the pace.
  19. H8R

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    Chip is doing something that hasn't been done at this level...and people trying to poach are complaining that it's unfair as far as I can tell.

    Lets kill innovation and interest in the sport so a couple guys on SV650's are happy.
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  20. vance

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    See post #1. From what OP stated, there's only 3 in the class, and some of them are sv's racing UP a class. Could you be considered a backmarker if there's only 3 in a race?

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