Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers

Discussion in 'Race Gear and Accessories For Sale' started by bjager, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. bjager

    bjager bjager838

    Standard Chicken Hawk Warmers.
    Wonderful condition!!
    Comes with front and rear warmers, Hard carrying case, and directions.


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  2. cyclenut

    cyclenut Well-Known Member

    Is the rear for a 180? thx
  3. bjager

    bjager bjager838

    the rear is for 190's, but i think they would be fine on 180's. also the warmers are OBO
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  4. quikcoiln

    quikcoiln Well-Known Member

    PM sent
  5. Alby22

    Alby22 Well-Known Member

  6. bjager

    bjager bjager838

    warmers still available!! Ill take best offer if its close to original price.
  7. Nafterclifen

    Nafterclifen Well-Known Member

    You've got a PM.
  8. mineshaved

    mineshaved product of my enviroment

  9. aerobud5

    aerobud5 Well-Known Member

  10. aerobud5

    aerobud5 Well-Known Member

    you've got a reply to PM
  11. Nafterclifen

    Nafterclifen Well-Known Member

    No reply for me?
  12. Billy P. Floyd

    Billy P. Floyd Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Nafterclifen: I believe baldshaved, oops "mineshaved" replied to you with a tire warmer side order of "woohoo"....
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  13. nobill1398

    nobill1398 K7 GSX-R1000

    Did these tire warmers ever sell or still available?
  14. bripolar66

    bripolar66 Well-Known Member

    pmd you!
  15. bripolar66

    bripolar66 Well-Known Member

    Still interested..
  16. phantom08

    phantom08 Well-Known Member

    I am interested; can you post pics of the inside of the warmers? Any burn marks?

  17. gottaducati

    gottaducati Tone Capone

    Standard Chicken Hawk Warmers

    Are these still available?

    Can you please reply to the email below? Thanks!
  18. bjager

    bjager bjager838

    Sry guys, i havent been on in awhile because the warmers are sold.
    thx for your interest!

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