CBR 07-13 Ohlins TTX GP & OEM Front Forks

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    Prices include shipping within continental US. Will drop $150 from each for local pickup (Chicago) because I love convenience. Will also sell/ship together for $1,200 total.

    Ohlins TTX GP - $1,100.00
    • TTX GP - Öhlins Racing
    • Installed & setup by Ken @ Superbike Suspension
    • Sprung/setup for 215lbs w/gear
    • Finger tip adjustments with no tools necessary
    • 4 trackdays only on this shock
    • Removed before 2015 season for recall
    • Recall work performed by Ohlins (recall was for a potential loose nut inside for a small batch range)

    OEM Front Forks $350.00
    • 14,000 miles (12 street, 2 track)
    • Straight, no damage
    • Stock springs
    • Removed May 2014 in favor of Ohlins internals and stiffer spring

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